Malloy unfairly attacked Republicans

When given the opportunity to highlight his legacy (Malloy: “I wasn’t looking to be popular,” Dec. 21), Gov. Malloy couldn’t help himself but do what he does best: create his own facts, incite division and try to rewrite history.

Malloy used his final interview with The Day to attack a group of Republican lawmakers, labeling them as bigots for not approving his first choice for chief justice last year. Instead of celebrating Connecticut’s historic bipartisan legislation to fight hate crimes and protect the rights of the LGBTQ community, and instead of celebrating the overwhelming bipartisan support for the first African-American chief justice he eventually appointed, Malloy chose to wallow in a loss by spewing hateful, juvenile and downright wrong accusations. It’s a page out of the Washington political playbook. It should have no place in our state.

The truth is that the Senate rejected Malloy’s first choice for Supreme Court chief justice because both Democrats and Republicans questioned this individual’s judicial record and his views on the limits of the state Supreme Court. This candidate received an unfavorable report from the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee. It had nothing to do with his lifestyle or his background, but everything to do with his record and actions.

In the Connecticut legislature there have been many historic bipartisan accomplishments to fight hate crimes and protect all people’s rights supported by the very lawmakers Malloy attacks. Connecticut recently became one of the first states to ban gay conversion therapy, a law that received unanimous support by every Republican and Democrat in the state Senate.

Even as he departs, Malloy can’t control his cantankerous personality by stirring up division with lies.

Len Fasano serves as Senate Republican President Pro Tempore. He represents the 34th Senate District that includes the towns of Durham, East Haven, North Haven and Wallingford.




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