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New London and its mayor get statewide attention

Poor David Collins is obsessed with me. I don’t know whether to be flattered or feel like the man Abe Lincoln spoke of when he told of a man who was tarred and feathered and ridden out of town. When asked how he felt he replied: “If not for the honor of the thing, I would rather have avoided it.”

There’s a great deal to discuss in David’s recent screed "New London mayor takes his campaign on the road," (Sept. 28), but I’ll try to move through it quickly.

Our mayor and our rising city are admired statewide. Mayor Passero has been invited around the state discussing New London’s progress, transportation infrastructure, the opioid crisis and benefits of unions working on construction projects. It is not unusual nor is it inappropriate to attend an event in his honor in Chester (a whole vast 20 miles away).

On another note, I will always be proud to have been a small part of the project that brought our city the largest taxpayers in its history, first Pfizer and now Electric Boat. I had nothing to do with the taking of houses on the north of State Pier.

I am equally proud to represent the Wronowski family, a major taxpayer, employer and among the most charitable people in our city. Chris Soto is a friend of over a decade and I think I’m permitted to have dinner with him. The legislation David refers to was meant to extend eligibility for opportunities that had greatly benefitted the Bridgeport waterfront and the former industrial section of Redding since 2007. In fact, recently the General Assembly passed a law signed by the governor (Malloy), which permits the same form of development throughout the state.

Just as a general matter, one would think that a writer, who doesn’t (almost ever) have all the facts, might make a call first before shooting an unguided diatribe at someone.

Finally, there is no one fighting harder than our mayor for New London’s just compensation, and I would say in closing, don’t bet against Mike Passero. Poor David.

Jay B. Levin is a principal in Jay B. Levin Government Relations Consulting and counsel to Suisman Shapiro Attorneys-At-Law. He resides in New London.


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