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Why my interests line up with Trump and the Republicans

As an avid reader of just about anything and everything, I am amazed at the expert twisting and plotting presented by the Aug. 30 editorial critical of President Trump. It makes for a great detective novel.

My simple offering as a former New London pregnant, teenaged mom who worked 23 years to get a degree and make a decent living for myself with two careers (aka average American), on the seven subjects of the editorial:

U.S. isolation

Better we keep allowing China and India to take jobs our citizens can do? I would pay more so that my three grandsons only choice isn't between the military or welfare down the road.

Health care coverage

If it weren't for Trump's recent policies through Medicare, I wouldn't have my 83-year-old mother alive. Thirty deaths at her nursing home. The Joe Biden program offers years of multi-trillion dollar costs to all of us. Socialized health care. Ask a Canadian about it. You'd be surprised by the answer.

Tax cuts

Many family members saw the unprecedented stimulus as an opportunity to improve their lives by making much needed home repairs, sign up to continue their education and even help others. A $4 trillion tax hike from Biden promised. How does the average middle class worker survive that?

Climate change

The age old fossil fuel system vs. The Green New deal. With a 4.5 billion-year-old planet, I'm sure it was flatulence that took the dinosaurs out. Cows need to be exterminated under the Biden manifesto. Is there no room for compromise?


My great-grandparents came in 1913 through Ellis island. Why is it so hard for new immigrants to get a green card to live and work here? Oh, maybe attorney's fees? China and India hold major immigrant populations in America. They work for corporate America with all the benefits. The southern border is farm help. Those immigrants deserve a green card to work as well. Their employers should pay into the payroll system. They deserve what every worker in America gets for the hard work they do. Biden is free, free, free. I don't get free health care. As for the former chief strategist issue, "former" is key.

Nuclear arms

I'm struggling here, when was the the last time a president even thought of speaking to North Korea? Not Biden or Obama. They invoked cancel culture. I remember as a kid my dad saying, hold your enemies closer.


There are too many reasons given that Trump's attacking the voting process. But then I'm struggling on Hillary Clinton's role that has yet to be addressed. Will we ever know the real criminals of 2016?

America is not that stupid. The destruction of our communities is disturbing. We simply want work, good schools for our children and safety. Our local communities are starting to see this chaos hit home. Nothing the Democratic National Committee said in the four days of their convention makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Hollywood is so far removed from my world. I'm not a fan of Trump's tweets, but I do believe the Republican leadership ideals mentioned at this point align with mine.

Skiyea Nieves lives in Waterford.



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