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This 'rebel' won't be told how to live

Masks are back and the pressure to get “the shot” is suffocating. “It’s safe, effective,” we’re told, though the vaccines have not received full approval.

“The unvaccinated are killing people,” we’re scolded.

Well, it just doesn’t sit well with this educated, free-thinking, common-sense rebel! You see, I have a hard time blindly following and agreeing to comply with those who have an age-old history of blatant lies, hateful accusations and the propensity to attack, verbally abuse, and publicly chastise any and all who are intelligent enough to question the rhetoric.

I give zero credibility to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that has gone against actual, factual information, which demands that we abandon what we know and adopt what is said, regardless of what is true.

We all know that putting a handkerchief over your mouth has no scientific foundation in health benefits. “Make your own mask out of anything from a tee shirt to your undies, just cover your face!” we were told as the pandemic began.

Johnson & Johnson could not protect us from talcum powder, but should be fully trusted with a yet to be fully unapproved vaccine? We have no idea what the long-term effects of these vaccines will be on the human race. Yet we are told we must comply or lose our ability to earn, to shop, to be schooled — to leave our house.

Roundup was on the market for years — no problem — until there was a huge problem. You can sue the makers of Roundup, but not vaccine makers or the powers backing them, which are completely immune of responsibility.

How can anybody believe in Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the president, given that he has changed his rhetoric faster and more often than the New England weather?

We’re chastised and vilified for even suggesting what we know as absolute fact — that millions of deaths classified as COVID-caused resulted from other contributing health problems.

While they attack, instill fear, blame and unconstitutionally abuse the citizens of this country who have a differing opinion on this matter — specifically targeting those with opposing political views — millions of illegal immigrants, labeled as refugees, are pouring into communities around the country, immune from testing, vaccinations, masks or health vetting of any kind.

Our economy is in the toilet. People receiving enhanced unemployment checks can’t be convinced to take jobs. Small businesses are under constant attack. Meanwhile, the deficit rises like a nuclear mushroom cloud.

Every word from every news media outlet instills fear, bullying, and impending doom.

So, as a person from a previous generation who was taught to work hard, save money, invest wisely, trust in and obey the laws, and to question everything — because I have the right and ability to make rational and practical decisions — I am proud to say that I have zero trust in every media-driven personality, politician or pompous ass who thinks they can play me like a stooge. The credibility of the information delivery personnel is lower than zero.

If someone chooses to get a vaccine, chooses to wear a mask, or chooses to put an aluminum pan on his or her head, I respect their right to do so. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow anyone to disrespect my right to see clearly through the hypnotizing fog created by the hypocritical mental midgets and liars who have assumed control over those who once were proud Americans.

Mike Zito lives in Griswold.



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