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Case Unsolved podcast: Prologue

Case Unsolved, a podcast produced by The Day newsroom, is available beginning today. More than 1,400 murders in Connecticut are classified as unsolved. The Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice has produced four decks of playing cards — 208 cards in all — with a picture, name and age of a victim, in hopes that they would produce leads on the cases. Twenty of the cases featured on the cards have been solved. Case Unsolved looks at three cases that have not.

This week's episode of Case Unsolved is a preview of what's to come, which will include a three-part series on the 1984 murder of Desiree Michaud beginning next week. She was last seen on Bank Street in New London, where she worked as a prostitute, and was found murdered in a Groton motel. The podcast also will examine the unsolved murder cases of William Spicer Jr. in 1995 and Erika Cirioni in 2006.

Each episode will be released on a Wednesday and you can subscribe to Case Unsolved on any podcast app. A Facebook group also has been formed at You can send us feedback on the podcast at

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