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Sound On The Sound: How one New London artist celebrates culture and identity through music

New London prides itself on its diversity of music, but some musicians have found it harder to find a place in the city's music community. UConn's Gladi Suero talked to Queer Afro-Indigenous artist and community organizer Erycka Ortiz about her musical journey in New London, how she found a supportive fanbase and how she centers her art on celebrating her identity.

About the Sound On The Sound series

Under the direction of instructors Gail B. MacDonald, a UConn professor in residence and former Day reporter, and Carlos Virgen, The Day's assistant managing editor for audience development, UConn journalism students worked all semester crafting stories in text, audio and photographs that strive to tell parts of the overarching tale of music in New London. They spoke to musicians, business people, city and regional officials, educators and others to inform their work. These stories will be published in The Day and on

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