Fire, town officials say two men impersonated firefighters in North Stonington

North Stonington — Last Thursday, two men saying they were from the local fire department approached a resident's house and claimed they were there to do a home inspection.

But North Stonington's Volunteer Fire Company does not conduct such inspections.

"Any inspections are done by the fire marshal. ... We'd never do a stop in, 'Hey, I want to look through your house,' especially private residences," fire Chief Charles Steinhart said.

The incident occurred on Pendelton Hill Road, according to a release from the town coordinated by Steinhart and First Selectman Mike Urgo, and the resident notified the fire department the next day, July 6.

The two men reportedly were in a blue car. North Stonington's resident state trooper was immediately informed, but Steinhart and Urgo said the men have not been identified.

"Any individual stating they are working on behalf of the fire company should be in a clearly marked vehicle and should be able to provide you a Fire Company photo ID," the town release said. "Please always take care when people solicit you at home and if you ever have any issue call 911 in an emergency" or state police at Troop E at (860) 848-6500.

If fire company personnel do go to someone's home, they're usually in fire gear with a firetruck, or have been requested specifically, Steinhart said. The fire department never would do something like the reported attempt to conduct a home inspection.

"If anyone's ever concerned and feels there's someone dangerous in the area, they should immediately call 911...or Troop E," Urgo said.

What happened last week is uncommon, Steinhart noted.

"This is a first for me," Steinhart said. "I've been chief for nine years, and I've been a member for 20 years, and I've never had an issue like this come across my desk."


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