Groton City police: Be on the lookout for deer

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Groton — City police are reporting that they've received "a number of sightings of deer on city streets and the Clarence B. Sharpe Highway" and are encouraging drivers to watch their speed and be on the lookout.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, police cited insurance studies that drivers had a 1 in 263 chance of hitting a deer with their car in Connecticut in 2017-18, a nearly 16 percent increase from the 1 in 304 rate the year before. Police said peak time for car accidents involving deer is October to December.

"While beautiful, they will run in front of a car and if you hit one cause damage and possible injury," police said in the post. "Please watch your speed and be on the lookout for these wild deer who are visible and early this late summer, and early fall season."


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