Property Transactions January 5, 2018


120 Fitchville Rd:

Dime Bank NA to NGA Capital LLC, $67,500.

Scott Hill Rd:

Oneil, Thomas R & Oneil, Shirley A to Leask, Michel R & Leask, Ronald B, $50,000.


15 Beech Pl:

Wolfswinkel, Rolf M & Jaffe, Jacqueline A to Lalumiere, Matthew J & Lalumiere, Melanie L, $345,000.

120 Stollman Rd:

Kay-Peck, Mary to Howard, Mark K, $218,000.

228 Pickerel Lake Rd:

Olson, Jason to Goodwin, Kristin & Goodwin, Daniel, $225,000.

71 Spice Bush Dr:

Ruszczyk, Mariusz & Ruszczyk, Christine to Koziol, Mitchell L & Koziol, Kelly A, $375,000.

131 David Dr:

Jordan Alley LLC to Chang, Christina K, $275,000.

24 Center Ct #24:

Aubert, Louis F & Aubert, Linda K to Adam, John W & Adam, Karen R, $335,000.


1 Pauline Pl:

Gilbert, Paul J & Gilbert, Kimberly M to Rushton, Michael A & Rushton, Shana R, $308,000.

114 Brown Ave:

Barber, Donald J & Barber, Jeanne to Banker, John & Marchenkoff, Jenna, $154,000.

Voluntown Rd (rear):

Lewis, Mark L to Lewis, Patrick W, $152,000.

358 E Main St #4:

Bank New York Mellon Tr to Neilan, Edward B & Neilan, Linda R, $47,997.

41 S Main St #6:

US Bank NA to Wenzel, Leonard H, $30,500.


127 Military Hwy:

Blodgett, Russell W & US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $103,100.

30 Baker Ave:

Donovan-Oneal, Kelley to Hoar, Warren K, $224,900.

300 Meridian St #H:

Paulhus, Heather M to Peabody, Emily A, $90,000.

11 Fitch Ave:

Bradbury James Est & Bradbury, John A to Holly Industries LLC, $53,000.

194 S Shore Ave:

Bach, Jill A to Mccoy, Daniel & Mccoy, Megan, $1,175,000.

171 Ann Ave:

Thomas, Heather D & Thomas, Charles B to Delara, Aydin A, $237,500.

237 Old Evarts Ln:

Haines, Stacy A & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $264,671.

41 Crown Knoll Ct #57:

Miller, Dale R to Wise, James & Wise, Cheryl, $94,900.

79 Leafwood Ln #215:

Mowrey, William E to Meadows, Stephen, $92,000.


74 Olenick Rd:

Parent, Joshua D to Wenzloff, Taylor & Wenzloff, Samantha, $151,000.


1888 Center Groton Rd:

Hickory Hollow Assoc Inc to Butler, Angela, $319,900.

865 Long Cove Rd:

Hyde Barry C Est & Hyde, Thomas M to Johnson, Jordan K, $200,000.

458 Colonel Ledyard Hwy:

Yuska, Gerald to Branch, Robert L & Branch, Kathleen A, $324,000.

476 Shewville Rd:

Frye Lester T Est & Campbell, Gary to Tyler, Daniel P, $210,000.

15 Tanager Ln:

Granite St Holdings LLC to Wroblewski, Walter J & Wroblewski, Janet L, $65,000.


35 Hidden Acres Rd:

Milefski, Robert A to Sherman, Jesse, $155,000.

45 Gallivan Ln:

USA HUD to MTIC Acquisitions LLC, $103,500.

24 Cedar Ln:

Zhao, Lufu & Qian, Qiu X to Cai, Zhiheng, $164,000.


75 New London Tpke:

Atterbury, Henry C to Chowdhoury, Ebadath U, $30,000.

590 Laurel Hill Rd:

Covino, Enrico L & Covino, Frederick E to E&S Property LLC, $65,000.

54 Lauren Ln:

David Jainchill RET & Bysko, John A to Robinson, Rebecca L, $145,000.

18 Division St:

KGA Investment LLC to Rosado, Erica, $120,000.

20 Grove St:

HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to Castlerock 2017 LLC, $26,100.

11 Sylvia Ln:

Cosentino, Wayne J to Carpenter, Wayne, $115,000.

57 Prospect St:

Holland, Dianne M to Cardozo, Miguel & Cardozo, Michelle, $141,000.

15 Hoover Ave:

Siragusa, Anthony F & Siraguas, Robin M to Preli, Cynthia, $199,900.

29 Huntington Pl:

JJB 3 LLC to Perry, Joshua K & Perry, Lynn M, $190,000.

Old Lyme


Russ, Paul to Coastal Rehabs LLC, $150,200.

Hartford Ave:

Mazzamurro, John T to Hourihan, Michael J & Hourihan, Rita K, $230,000.


48 Oak Dr:

Tillinghast, Doris R to Earehart, Dale H & Earehart, Christine A, $146,000.

144-146 River St:

Easton, Nicholas W & Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $150,000.

20 Highland Street Ext:

TMC Keywest LLC to Mackenzie, Justin C, $139,900.

45-47 2nd St:

Rondeau, Tina M & US Bank NA to US Bank NA, $97,500.


266 West Rd:

Munchhof, Michael J & Munchhof, Martha to Connolly, Corvin J & Connolly, Sallie J, $339,500.

176 Round Hill Rd:

Hall, Stanley C to Lesire, Katharine S, $138,345.

14 Fawn Run:

Sega, Lisa to Frazier, Sheila & Frazier, Francis, $215,000.


57 School Hill Rd:

Sudik, Joseph M to Cole, Dennis J & Cole, Susan H, $65,000.

30 Sunrise Dr:

Eccles, Ward G to Benton, Robert M & Benton, Christy A, $300,000.


8 Saw Mill Hill Rd:

Smith, Walter A to Botelho, Kyle R, $149,900.

8 Easy St:

Delta Properties LLC to Clark, Matthew F & Clark, Kristin M, $370,000.


110 Hewitt Rd:

Jendraszek, Brian S to Bell, Christopher J, $349,000.

6 School St (Mysti #3:

Wharton, Jennifer & Hsieh, Peng C to Hoffman, Ryan, $255,000.

Route 2:

Main, Keith L & Main, Lois A to Chiaradio, Todd J, $200,000.

Liberty St:

Martin Camille R Est & Martin, Gary L to Longolucco, Joann M, $18,625.

17 Mystic Point Ln #17:

Mystic Point LLC to Abboud, Omar K & Abboud, Catherine D, $1,125,000.

27 E Forest Rd:

Halsey, Anthony P & Halsey, Wendy M to Bonadies, Linda H, $862,500.

10 E Forest Rd:

Halsey, William L & Halsey, W L to Halsey, Wendy M, $100,000.

10 E Forest Rd:

Bonadies, Linda H to Halsey, Anthony P, $100,000.

28 E Forest Rd:

Bonadies, Linda H & Halsey, Anthony P to Halsey, William L, $525,000.

875 Pequot Trl:

Hersant, David P to Adkins, Joseph D & Adkins, Jennifer L, $437,500.


63 Lillibridge Ave:

Green, Ronald & Beaulieu, Donna to TMC Keywest LLC, $30,000.

63 Lillibridge Ave:

Green M Frederick Jr Est & Beaulieu, Donna to TMC Keywest LLC, $15,000.

193 Bailey Pond Rd:

FNMA to Boisclair, Stephen, $90,000.


54 Rope Ferry Rd #B23:

Washburn, Heather L to Grace, Shannon E & Grace, Maryellen C, $124,900.

143 Oswegatchie Rd:

Kelly, Sandra L to Kelly, Brian D, $400,000.

68 Mullen Hill Rd:

Newton E Albert Est & Zurzucki, David T to Wynkoop, Kenneth J & Wynkoop, Kim M, $39,000.

80 North Rd:

Gonyo, Richard J to Mike 3 LLC, $152,500.

27 Woodlawn Ave:

Diplomat Property Manager to Fixit 22 LLC, $40,000.

4 Indian Valley Dr:

Picardi, Frank & Picardi, Cynthia to Smith, Geoffrey F & Smith, Natalie R, $355,000.

12 Marilyn Rd:

Burr, Bruce O to Martell, Michael D & Martell, Nicole K, $150,000.

48 Hickory Ln:

Smith, Leslie L & Smith, Victoria A to Smith, Nicholas A & Ramsay-Smith, Simone L, $285,000.

179 Butlertown Rd:

US Bank NA to Garbati, Thomas, $165,000.

12 Hardwick Rd:

132 Boswell Avenue LLC to Mcdonald, Emily K, $160,000.

6 Beechwood Dr:

Crawford, Nina L to Andosca, Ralph A & Andosca, Margaret L, $235,000.

Mullen Hill Rd:

Zurzuski, David T & Zurzuski, Sheila L to Wynkoop, Kenneth J & Wynkoop, Kim M, $39,000.


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