Property transactions July 10 2019


387 Cabin Rd: Mitchell, Michael J to Mcevily, Joseph & Mcevily, Amber, $260,000.

95 Westerly Ter: US Bank NA Tr to Farmer, Bruce C & Farmer, Charlotte T, $144,200.

98 Caisson Rd: Edford, Douglas P & Tedford, Patricia A to Connell, Sarah T, $400,500.

72 Highwood Cir #72: Daigle, Claude C & Daigle, Sandra K to Bernier, Bradley J & Bernier, Jennifer S, $257,000.



47 Benton Hill Rd: Marttila, Paul E & Marttila, Carol A to Roma, Adam N, $162,000.

173 E Main St: Wolkowski John A Est & Larocque, Claudia to Ferrigno, Autumn, $171,000.



549 Noank Ledyard Rd: Wellemeyer, Robert E & US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $102,441.

7 Florence Dr: Doyle, Theodore W to Demarco, Christopher M & Demarco, Diana, $315,000.

681 Groton Long Point Rd: Kenneth F&V R Richard RET & Richard, Kenneth G to Todd, Daniel, $210,000.

1 Bank St: Roche, Patrick to Zelepos, John, $410,000.

495 Gold Star Hwy #104: Wolf, Eric R to Lobster Claws Crabby Claw, $120,000.

300 Deerfield Ridge Dr: Eastern Building Co Inc to Ingertsen, Andrew P & Ingertsen, Ashley Y, $413,000.

156-158 Hynes Ave: Cini, Robert L to Knuijt, Kurt A, $225,000.

241 Monument St: Monument Hill 2 LLC to Murphy, Erich, $185,000.



37 1st St: Campbell, Joseph to Joslyn, Samantha & Cushing, Zachary, $195,000.

62 Bush Hill Rd: Chapman, Kathleen E & Chapman, William D to Hartley, Rachel L, $205,000.



529 Colonel Ledyard Hwy:b Weston, Philip D & Weston, Anne J to Leaf, Joshua & Leaf, Heather, $420,000.

N/A: Moeller Bernice H Est & Kronisch, Anne E to Clark, Dillon M, $204,000.

28 Sunset Ave: Leaf, Joshua D to Arndt, Deanne J, $195,000.

5 Devonshire Dr: USA VA to Melendez, Gladymar & Cordero, Juan, $169,600.

76 Inchcliffe Dr: Mckown, Louis J & Mckown, Jacquelyn D to Ramirez, Michael A & Ramirez, Christine A, $262,500.

19 Bobwhite Trl: Gunagan, Richard O to Decicco, Joseph D & Decicco, Kristen, $220,000.



11 Lochdale Dr: Wilson, Roger L & Bank Of New York Mellon to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $341,982.

11 Laurel Dr: Wharton William H Est & Fitzmaurice, C L to Richards, Alan, $109,268.

60 Skyline Dr #B: Landry, Pauline J to Maynard, James F & Maynard, Tanya M, $74,000.

N/A: Aashcom, Dana & Ashcom, Douglas to Instant Property Solution, $75,000.

N/A: Sullivan, Kathy & Conger, Kathleen S to Garfield, Dianna D & Robinson, Brent M, $302,000.

45 Carol Dr: P&H Construction&Septic to Sprague, Kristopher, $309,000.

20 Caribou Way: Delmage, Kyle B to Miner, Alexander G, $250,000.

38 Glendale Rd: Sosin, Victor E & Sosin, Ann M to Clark, Steven, $218,000.


New London

184 Pequot Ave #208: Mcnally, Frank W & Mcnally, Candace B to Robinson, Kathleen M, $158,000.

N/A: Mut David C Est & Lowe, Jacquelyn M to 18th Century Restoration, $60,000.

33 Niles Hill Rd: Garske, William A to Adamowicz, Daniel J, $234,000.

611 Ocean Ave #G5: Abbott, Leah G & Tootle, William P to Ferropitt, Annette R, $180,000.

237 Willetts Ave: B7 T & Bessette, Michael D to Rodriguez-Feliz, Ramon A, $250,000.

118 Chester St: Sequistt, Diane to Pagan, Jose, $170,000.

350 Jefferson Ave: FNMA to Villavicencio, Luis, $74,000.

15 Terrace Ave: Charter Oak FCU to Happy Home Remodeling LLC, $35,000.



46 Ann St: Devries, Gregory A & Bevan, Jerry W to Adan-Cabanas, Juan J & Contreras, Cesar M, $59,000.

19 Dunham St: He, Jianling to Resto, Hector M & Resto, Mary C, $115,000.

68 Thermos Ave #305: Jannusch, Meredith A to Stadnicki, Kristen J, $75,000.

31 High Meadows Ln: Moyer, Suzannne P to Tarar, Muhammad, $352,000.

141 Hickory St: Shi, Wen X to Fakhoury, Andy, $49,500.

8 Thamesview Rd: Sima, Joseph to Jackson-Summers, Angela G, $140,000.

10 Thamesview Rd: Sima, Joseph to Jackson-Summers, Angela G, $140,000.

74 Hunters Rd: USA VA to Troge, Darlene, $102,250.


Old Lyme

9-A Azalea Ln: Hong-Cai, Jenny & Cai, Hing to Hoss, Gregg E & Hoss, Heidi H, $499,000.

322 Shore Rd: Mcgill, Veronica S to Gryk, Michael R, $239,900.

79 Hillcrest Rd: Robert T Lamoin RET & Lamoin, Robert T to Clark, Douglas W, $660,000.



11 Pine St: Crocker-Lincoln, Lori A to Johnson, Robert E, $179,900.

19-A-G E Main St: Walker Apartments LLC to BCB&ER LLC, $300,000.

307 New Rd: Monfils, Brian & Monfils, Deborah J to Begos, Barry & Begos, Denise, $221,000.

45 Main St #106: Vargas, Aaron to Roberts, Pamela T, $126,000.

State Route 14: Breece, Barbara A to USA Realty Inc, $160,000.

Collelo Ave: Breece, Barbara A to USA Realty Inc, $160,000.



6 Oakridge Rd: Roy, Marc D & Roy, Jessica to Butler, Joseph C, $400,000.



131 Ekonk Rd: Marsocci-Adams, Karen A to Collins, Andrew & Abukarma, Doina, $244,900.

346 Gibson Hill Rd: TMC Keywest LLC to Higham, Jennifer, $255,000.



136 Liberty St: Warren H Liepold RET & Sewall, Susan M to Dufresne, Jacques & Ward, Jody, $380,000.

17 Thompson St: Szajda, Maryann G & Szajda, Amanda F to Green, Matthew, $255,000.

8 Broad St: 8 Broad Street LLC to Van Loggem, Brenda G & Oconnor, Steven J, $790,000.

60 Asher Ave: Pica, Susan S & Stroud, Mark A to Stroud, Robert A, $200,000.


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