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    Thursday, August 11, 2022

    Property Transactions



    224 Bingham Rd: Bingham-Abbe, Mary A to Thompson, Barry & Doyon, Robin R, $338,000.

    111 Buntz Rd: Trotta, Thomas & Trotta, Nancy to Gagliardi, Mario & Mykietyn, Courtney, $415,000.

    Kinne Rd: Pringle, David & Murray, Sylvia to Mancini Jr, David & Yost, Joelle S, $85,000.

    N/A: Pearson, Becky to Moreira, Joao & Moreira, Lorraine, $330,000.


    Chestnut Hill Rd: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $80,000.

    Greenwich Pl: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $80,000.

    Greenwich Pl: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $80,000.

    Greenwich Pl: North Pond Dev LLC to North Pond Homes LLC, $80,000.

    199 Pickerel Lake Rd: Kingsland, Laurie A & Racicot, Laurie A to Conway, Jonathan, $280,000.

    78 South Rd: Kaine, Shriley A to Campe, Joshua & Shain, Rebecca S, $425,000.


    18 Bishops Bay Dr: Mcgrath, Elizabeth A to Iovanna, Matthew & Iovanna, April, $443,400.

    23 Grand St: Lighthouse Voc Ed Ctr Inc to Low, Robert A & Low, Megan, $450,000.

    9 Haigh Ave: MKMF LLC to Hagen, Daniel & Hagen, Megan, $631,400.

    1 Kevin Rd: Pratt, John R to Shen, Jiayuan, $378,000.

    61 Riverview Rd: Vendola, Richard to Andrews, Brenda M, $380,000.


    21 Southgate Cir: Lord Richard C Est & Furbacher, Barbara A to Weckworth, Holly & Weckworth, Richard S, $250,000.


    52 Ann Ave: Brimlow Richard P Est & Brimlow, David P to Gengarella, Lukas D & Gengarella, Alexandra B, $284,500.

    108 Brandegee Ave: S F Schramm T & Schramm, Jocelyn M to Schramm, Gunnar F, $235,000.

    Fort Hill Homes: Allen, Kaitlyn N to Ferrer, Dominique, $176,000.

    242 Great Brook Rd: C&Amie Frederick RET & Frederick, C S to Guarrasi, Justine & Guarrasi, Matthew, $515,000.

    68 High St: Cerretti, Antu J & Cerretti, Alexis P to Cooper, Mary M & Cooper, Rand R, $1,155,000.

    15 Maxson Rd: Belknap Kenneth G Est & Belknap, Barry W to Boulanger, Scott J & Boulanger, Kathleen O, $200,000.

    4 Meryl Ct #4: Kaminski Jr, Michael P & Boado, Guian G to Gonsalves, Gabriella M, $160,000.

    241 Seneca Dr: Mears, Dierdre K & Mears, Deirdre K to Scott, Denise, $345,000.


    Pigeon Swamp Rd: Fegan 3rd, John J & Fegan, Joan I to Hooper, James D & Hooper, Pamela C, $60,000.

    513 Trumbull Hwy: Carreira George Est & Carreira, William to Cullen, Robert & Cullen, Jean, $300,000.


    109 Avery Hill Rd: Sutton, Rosemary & Sande, James to Baker, Dewey & Baker, Laura J, $241,000.

    32 Iron St #A: Reid, Dennis C & Reid, Jennifer A to Liamin, Rufuna & Liamin, Artur, $115,000.

    1103 Long Cove Rd: Adams, Rita K to Adams, Albert B, $129,908.

    28 Meeting House Ln: Herber, Cordell B & Herber, Stephanie N to Rodejesus, Amanda & Midgley, Jeffrey R, $295,000.

    5 Palmer Dr: Joyce A Tamer T & Tamer, Joyce A to Delcarmen-Suriel, Grecia, $480,000.

    1983 Route 12: Rowley, Keith L to Metzger, Lai H, $220,000.

    2 Stevens Ave: Coates, Allen & Coates, Lori to Bitgood, Jennifer & Swett, Jason, $286,000.

    26 Tanager Ln: Legg, Mark P to Verkamp, Logan D & Verkamp, Brianna D, $405,000.


    163 Ross Hill Rd: Mortimer Denise A Est & Mortimer, Thomas M to Gillespie, Jonathan & Gillespie, Lorea, $411,000.


    139 Shore Dr: Murdoch, Marnie & Holth, Fredrik T to Hastings, Mark W & Hastings, Susan M, $500,000.


    303 Chesterfield Rd: Coleman, Timothy & Terry-Sharpe, Kelsey to Lacour, Ross P, $290,000.

    1691 Route 32 #C7: Mier, Loretta to Lageman, Margaret, $190,000.

    35 Webb Dr: Eastman, Thomas H to Lita, Maturin, $281,000.

    5 Willow Dr: Mortero, Sherolyn M to Mortero Jr, Rodolofo M, $270,000.


    330 Crystal Ave #13: JTD Holdings T & Dolan, Jeffrey T to Manning, Ebony L, $290,000.

    161 Ocean Ave: Gil, Dayanara & Grullon, Federico D to Juarez, Oscar Y, $295,000.

    20 Orchard St: Olson Kenneth R Est & Olson, Carla to Giddings, Elizabeth L, $235,000.

    117 Pequot Ave: Anderson, Amanda L to Lowe, Hanahn & Lowe, Michael A, $379,500.

    52 Summit Ave: Keating, Senaida S & Keating, Timothy J to Mcelwee, Michael, $315,000.

    54 Summit Ave: Keating, Senaida S & Keating, Timothy J to Mcelwee, Michael, $315,000.


    19 Meadow Wood Dr: Fryer Stella M Est & Fiore, Janet to Hayes, Joshua & Mcswain, Chrissy, $295,000.

    Sleepy Hollow Rd: Anderson, Donna E to Bennett, Carolyn & Bennett, Jeffrey B, $125,000.

    3 Stillman Rd: Caswell, Mary E to Caswell Lague LLC, $100,000.


    72 Division St: Babcock, Christy to Ramos Jr, Rene, $41,709.

    151-153 Golden St: Ramirez, Madlelyn & Ramirez, Miguel A to Burdick 3rd, Raymond K, $326,000.

    22 Manwaring Rd: Eastern Properties LLC to Laird, James T & Laird, Tina M, $211,000.

    167 Mount Pleasant St: Peters, Kathleen to Guthrie, Charemon J & Heggemeier, Joseph, $230,000.

    102 North St: NS Property Dev LLC to Palma, Cynthia A, $200,000.

    8 Patrick Pl: Gwudz, Janice A to Ferrara, Glenna M & Ferrara, John M, $205,000.


    159-B Boston Post Rd: Dunphy, Jeffrey P to Ramage, Jessica L & Smith, Brody A, $160,000.

    9 Ladyslipper Ln: Soriano, Audra A to Mcgill, Daniel P & Maguire, Kristen W, $675,000.

    6 Oakridge Dr: Ballachino T L Jr Est & Ballachino, Roxanne M to Lacasa LLC, $257,300.

    6 Oakridge Dr: Ballachino, Roxanne M to Lacasa LLC, $257,300.


    22 3rd St: CTPPS LLC to Rouillard, Hanna R & Roy, Jeremy M, $242,000.

    15 Cemetery Rd: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to Mekam LLC, $94,500.

    273 Dow Rd: Fitzgerald, Edward S & Fitzgerald, Elaine M to Clark, Kathleen & Brytowski, Stefan, $285,000.

    26 Henry Dr #26: Moosup River Estates LLC to Rossi, Bruce & Rossi, Cheryl, $377,321.


    4 Linda Ct: Vendola, Richard to Bousquet, Marissa A, $330,000.


    73 Horse Pond Rd #K: Martin, Richard W to Coastal Tides Properties, $95,000.


    156 Pautipaug Hill Rd: Lindquist, Ronald V & Lindquist, Maria Luz to Hatlee, Jacquelyn & Hatlee, David, $87,600.

    64 Plain Hill Rd: Lois J Jackson FT & Jackson, Lois J to Pike-Derochick, Paitlyn B & Bonin Jr, Steven C, $260,000.


    167 Clark Ln: Dahl, Albert E to Melonson, Jessica & Martinez, Angel L, $215,000.

    5 Latimer Ct: Pittori LT & Greco, Jeremy to Murdock, Aaron & Murdock, Marissa, $313,000.

    486 Mohegan Avenue Pkwy: Oneill, Jacqueline I to Secchiaroli, Lorenzina A & Luciani, Lori, $248,000.

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