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    Real Estate
    Monday, March 20, 2023

    Property Transactions 02-03-23


    139 N Society Rd: Loancare LLC & Robbins, Rene H to Loancare LLC, $172,800.

    354 N Society Rd: Shiman, Joseph F & Shiman, Paula A to Branchaud, Zach & Carter, Stephanie, $250,000.


    167 Halls Hill Rd: Grillo, Frederick J to Stratton, Carolyn & Coll, John, $335,000.


    19 Ridgewood Rd Ext: Smith, Donna to Dente, Sarah & Hall, Ryan, $245,000.


    20 Beckwith St: Morin, Kris to Dimattio, Thelma M, $289,900.

    Boston Post Rd: Decosta, James & Decosta, Bonnie L to Beverly E Segleski T & Segleski, Beverly E, $565,000.

    18 Cavasin Dr: Tapia, Julio to Faith Invest LLC, $429,000.

    188 W Main St: Tryon, William H to Macero, Tina M & Checko, Andrew P, $230,000.


    167 Goshen Hill Rd: Lynch, Mary L to Kitchin, Wayne, $324,000.


    63 Highland Dr: Dedios Jr, Inocencio & Dedios, Linate G to Green, Mackenzie R & Green, Jordan B, $290,000.

    64 Iron St: Deandrade, John S to Fontaine, Ethan J, $230,000.

    64 Iron St: Fontaine, Ethan J to Buckley, John W, $337,000.


    67 Beckwith St: Messina, Philip J & Ajax Mortgage Loan T to Giulietti, James D & Giulietti, Jessica, $148,000.

    36 Blinman St #A: Creadon, James P to Brown, Christopher, $175,900.

    99 Blinman St: Sobiech, Susan to Brunner, Lydia B, $165,000.

    102 Montauk Ave: Wolber, David M & Wolber, Jessica R to Liz, David O & Nunez, Pedro, $350,000.

    63 Niles Hill Rd #A5: Debiasi, Charles R to Kushe, Erdi, $105,000.

    292 Pequot Ave #4D: Perry, Ann M to Leger, Craig & Leger, Dale, $259,900.


    Denison Hill Rd: Assard, Christine F & Assard 3rd, George L to Morrone Jr, Joseph A & Morrone, Victoria L, $480,000.


    16 Clay Ave: Bff LLC to Aucamp, Evan F & Bayard, Avery T, $222,000.

    48 Hedge Ave: Phh Mortgage Corp to Thompson, James A & Storey, Pamela A, $72,000.

    33 Huntington Pl: Shaw, Dennis E to Augustin, Jean J, $235,000.

    46 Palmer St: Simic, Damir to Glover, Regina N, $170,000.

    50 Pleasant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    19 Quarry St: Parrish, Norma R to K & B Estates LLC, $75,000.

    55 Sturtevant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    57 Sturtevant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    61 Sturtevant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    68 Sturtevant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    204-R Sturtevant St: 204 Sturtevant St LLC to Cove Nwch LLC, $1,500,000.

    598 W Main St: 598 West Main Street LLC to Norwich Soapy Noble LLC, $450,000.

    55 Williams St: Wiley, Andrea M to Kumar, Bobby, $375,000.


    1-3 Aldrich Ave: Vendee Mortgage T1999-3 & Deutsche Bank National TC to Giulietti, James D, $110,000.

    22 Bitgood Vlg: Secretary Of Housing And to Vegiard, Patrick, $142,000.

    27 Hendy Dr: Moosup River Estates LLC to Young, Richard C & Young, Robin B, $380,000.


    Campbell Mill Rd: Salemi, Michael J & Lheureux, Paula R to Sadler, Kimberly M, $15,000.


    517 Boston Post Rd: Long Ruth M Est & Fuller, Vanessa to Henning, Harald M, $185,000.

    169 Clark Ln: Myers Jr, Glen D & Hanson, Patricia M to Liu, Jianchuan, $245,000.

    5 Kenyon Rd: Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc to Montrose, Perry, $126,000.

    8 Leary Dr: Budny Janusz Est & Kucharczyk, Martin to Adams Builders LLC, $225,000.

    56 Shore Dr: Pier 52 LLC to Marden, Jesse T, $509,000.

    5 Sunshine Rd: Bugbee, Ronald P & Bugbee, Barbara R to Kydd, Meghan M, $197,450.

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