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Steve Fagin

Stalking the wild mushroom

Early fall is prime time for hunting mushrooms, and this year’s crop has been especially bountiful, thanks to abundant rainfall and warm temperatures.

Carol Sommer

A merry chase through local history

This adventure started when I was researching William Lay, a Saybrook man who was on the whaler Globe during a mutiny and was subsequently trapped on an isolated Pacific island.

Steve Fagin

Roadside litter: People are worse slobs than ever

Not 10 minutes into our morning run earlier this week, Bob Graham skidded to a stop, bent down and picked up the day’s first can.

Steve Fagin

Lights, cameras, action – swallows return to Goose Island

The stage was set. As the light went down, the audience buzzed with excitement, waiting for the stars to enter from the wings — make that ON their wings. After all, they were birds. “Any minute now,” I announced, glancing at my watch. As if on cue, a few...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

The long (and short) goodbye

My family has this horrible habit of what I call “Italian Goodbyes” that drag on and on.

Steve Fagin

Arrr! The Thimble Islands’ best treasure isn’t buried

Only 23 of the Thimbles are inhabited, some with only one house and others with multiple dwellings, bringing the total number of residences to 81





Carol Sommer

Mutineers and missionaries

William Lay was trapped on a sparsely populated island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, over 7,000 miles (as the crow flies) from Saybrook.

Steve Fagin

The legacy of Ledyard’s Great Oak

With miles of hiking trails, a historic home and handsome garden park, this swath of forest, streams and wetlands comprises an expansive corridor of contiguous open space.

Steve Fagin

Sink or swim: Experts bracing for climate change

Imagine floodwater and high tides regularly inundating downtown Mystic.

Robert Tougias

The invasion of roseate spoonbills

Spoonbills are heron-like wading birds that resemble the flamingo and behave somewhat like the rare wood storks of south Florida.

Steve Fagin

Keeping a safe distance while paddling past Plum Island

While kayaking last week through a churning, tidal rip just off New York’s Plum Island, site of a top-secret, animal disease laboratory, I jokingly suggested that we seek refuge ashore. “Except,” I added,...

Steve Fagin

Traipsing through the ‘Rhode Island Desert’

It felt as if we were in a scene from “Lawrence of Arabia” rather than on a hike in the Ocean State.