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Carol Sommer

The bodyguard and the biscuit baker

During the Revolution, private citizens foiled the schemes of spies and potential assassins. A a young soldier from New London is an example.

Steve Fagin

A mountain hike: No view, no problem

One of the Northeast’s most rewarding panoramic vistas extends in every direction from Saddleback Mountain’s 4,121-foot peak in Western Maine.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

When unbridled optimism loses its luster

July is when all that unbridled optimism of the spring, all that garden planning and vacation planning, those books to read and projects to start, seem to wither under a hot sun.

Robert Tougias

Many birds go for two broods per season

The air was as heavy as it was thick. Magnificent dark clouds rose high from the west, but there was not a drop of rain or the slightest breeze. The calm was surreal and made me uneasy. An eerie orange glow hung over my land where the birds suddenly stopped their calling and then it...

Steve Fagin

ANOTHER long journey begins with a single misstep

After tramping 18 miles through dense forests, alongside fast-flowing streams and over rocky ridges on eastern Connecticut’s Nipmuck Trail, our four-member group at last trudged toward what we believed was a parking lot where we had dropped off a car nearly nine hours earlier.

Steve Fagin

A kayak drama off Fishers Island

Moments later, the shrill blast of a distress whistle from behind shattered my reverie.





Steve Fagin

Building a bog bridge: First, line up plenty of helpers

The path, which begins at the Preston Community Park, just north of the Ledyard border at the intersection of Route 117 and Route 2A, now continues south for a mile and a quarter. This weekend, another mile-long section is scheduled to open; hiking...

Carol Sommer

History on parade

The Mystic River Historical Society has an extensive collection of parade images, many of which you can browse online.The Mystic River Historical Society has an extensive collection of parade images, many of which you can browse online.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

It's all in the timing

Timing is everything. Mine, usually, is not so good.

Steve Fagin

On the waterfront: Accessible walks abound along the region’s shore

Home-buyers, hotel guests and restaurant patrons pay a premium for water views, but the charge is always the same for hikers: free.

Steve Fagin

For veteran bicyclist Kevin Burke, safety is a two-way street

As a member of Bike Stonington, a community organization that promotes bike access, bike safety and bike awareness, Kevin has made it his mission to keep fellow riders safe.