Dr. Jon Gaudio

When you need to slow down and breathe

I was doing a pretty routine cardiac catheterization, when the cathlab tech shouted “VFIB!!” Now, “VFIB” is very, very bad and basically means cardiac arrest.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Chiming In: Creeps on the Airplane Edition

There's always more to say about something this stupid.

Steve Fagin

Who’s watching whom? Eagles and kayakers on the river

“So, do you think any creatures beside humans go out of their way to look at other animals?”

Rick Koster

Rick's List Reliable Old Friends Edition

Taking comfort in the familiar.

Steve Fagin

‘No more deaths’: A victory for ‘trail angels’ and migrants

Gifts from “trail angels,” dropped off anonymously as goodwill gestures, have been a longstanding tradition in backpacking communities.





Steve Fagin

We are all doomed

It should be of some comfort that paranoid soothsayers who have been making apocalyptic prophecies for millennia don’t exactly have a stellar track record.

Carol Sommer

The pioneers

Lucy Backus and Dudley Woodbridge left behind all that was familiar to them for a beautiful but dangerous wilderness.

Steve Fagin

A wise choice on a windy winter day

A brisk west wind whipped up choppy, rolling waves last Sunday at Mason Reef off Enders Island in Mystic, beyond which stretched whitecaps that extended across Fishers Island Sound.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Trying to negotiate with people to increase their exercise

Fools and con men lay claim to knowing how to make deals.

Rick Koster

Rick's List

Scribe suggests he can be New London's One-Liner Writer


Upcoming concerts and shows

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