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Steve Fagin

The mighty Pawcatuck: A tale of two rivers

A stiff headwind that bucked an ebbing tide, coupled with wakes from speeding powerboats, buffeted our kayaks as the four of us paddled south on the Pawcatuck River earlier this week. "Hard to believe this is the same waterway we started on," I called out to my companions, Tom Sanford, his...

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Working for Joe Edition

Politicians are often untrustworthy. There, I've said it. And I'm not differentiating between one party or another, either. There is no more loyalty or integrity in the Body Politic than there are empty spaces in the James Patterson's "Look at the Books I've Published" shelves that...

Steve Fagin

Going with the flow on the Pawcatuck River, Part III

While I lugged my kayak on a narrow path along the Pawcatuck River the other morning to join the other paddlers who, like me, had decided to detour around a tumultuous stretch of whitewater, I was mystified to see Rick Sanford dragging his boat back in my direction.

Carol Sommer

Women running in the streets

Surprisingly — at least from this vantage point 100 years later — some of the 19th Amendment’s staunchest opponents were women.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Defending Dr. Immanuel Edition

Hi! Dr. Rick Koster here! Normally in this column I try not to write too much about my own accomplishments — particularly because they're in short supply — but occasionally I can't resist. For example, you might enjoy knowing that I'm a respected physician. Cool,...





Steve Fagin

Ledyard rocks: Family-friendly trails abound

The other day, our small hiking group decided that instead of tramping for hours in a single park or preserve, we would explore several in close proximity, one after another.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Seeing others do great things

Perhaps the best amongst us are those heroes who rarely receive enough recognition but who save countless lives through their watchfulness and attention, and provide more comfort, dignity, caring, and relief than anyone else in the hospital. They...

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Remembrance of Things Past Edition

Many times, I've written about my ongoing fascination with Hardy Boys books. And why not? My admiration for the once-teen master sleuths has only increased as the magnitude of their accomplishments becomes more vivid with time. Last...

Steve Fagin

Conquering the Pawcatuck River’s dreaded Mousehole

Most people only view the Pawcatuck River from their car windows, but the 38-mile-long river is a glorious waterway fully deserving its federal Wild and Scenic River designation as part of the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Name That Song Edition

Did you know that, in recorded history, over 2,000 songs have been written? Two thousand! That’s a lot, and it partially explains why several of them have been called “I Love You.” If you have that many songs, a...

Steve Fagin

Lyme’s Pleasant Valley Preserve: Pretty as a picture

Trees, trees and more trees. From an overlook in Lyme’s 235-acre Pleasant Valley Preserve, that’s all you can see — a lush, green canopy that extends more than a mile southwest to a forested summit at the 275-acre Mount Archer...