Carol Sommer

The homeless boy who got his very own castle

Every time Thomas Waller glanced out at the New York Stock Exchange from the windows of his Wall Street law office, he must have been reminded just how lucky he was.

Steve Fagin

Burrs, brambles and other annoying plants

Some plants develop pronged seeds in late summer and fall that stick to humans and other animals.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Easier Phone Communication Edition

A few days ago, my wife Eileen had to read off a flight confirmation number over the phone to an airline representative and, as most pleasant citizens do, she tried to make it easier for the person on the other end of the line by phonetically helping out with the letters. "That's D as in...

Robert Tougias

A chance to spy northern goshawks

Rare and elusive species are being coaxed into view by migration

Steve Fagin

Keeping pace with the Fitch Cross Country Team

While I biked at a comfortable pace in Old Mystic last Sunday, a pair of hard-core cyclists pulled alongside me, glanced right and grinned with surprised recognition. "Hey, Steve!" one of the riders called out. "Kim!" I replied, spiking my cadence to keep up. This was Kim...

Rick Koster

Rick's List — No More Sports Stats Edition

Because we have the technology to compile and categorize them, and because there are people with nothing better to do than to explore the possibilities thereof, we now are privy to more sports statistics than necessary. Yes, like most sports enthusiasts, I am a fan of the...





Steve Fagin

Santa Fe Trails: Nature draws hikers, artists to New Mexico capital

As we clambered up a steep ridge above New Mexico’s high desert, a double-pinnacle formation, perched on a mesa, loomed against a cerulean sky: Chimney Rocks.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Testimony Edition

Unsummoned in the last few days, two specific scenes from Al Pacino films keep running through my mind: 1. In "The Devil's Advocate," Kevin Lomax is an unbeaten defense lawyer played by Keanu Reeves. He takes the case of a...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Scratching that itch

Until I realized that the “bittersweet” vines killing it had “leaves of three” and that I should have “let it be.”

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Political Humidity Edition

Try to follow along: 1. We've given up. Humiliation is inevitable. 2. That explains why our house is now equipped with several state of the security cameras, which we ordered from the Department of Homeland Security. These were paid...

Steve Fagin

Savoring scents of the seasons

While pedaling along a country road the other day, I swerved to avoid a wild turkey that scurried into the bushes at the precise moment a heady aroma wafted through the moist air.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Handicapped Parking Scofflaws Edition

Some marginally-connective thoughts on handicapped parking: 1. When I was 16, I got my first car, partially paid for with money I earned dipping ice cream. My Dad subsidized the rest, which, by his reckoning, meant HE got to select the...


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