Rick Koster

Rick's List — Professor McConaughey Edition

McConaughey is now an actual faculty member at UT.

Steve Fagin

Savoring vs. surviving solitude

My responsibilities included collecting fees, providing trail information and making sure careless guests didn’t accidently set the buildings on fire.

Carol Sommer

Down by the riverside

The city established Riverside Park for the public’s enjoyment in 1893.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Pequot Avenue Imbroglio Edition

As a resident of south New London, the quickest way for me to get to work would be to take Montauk to Bank Street and into downtown. But for the 22 years we've lived here, I've opted to meander around Pequot Avenue from Guthrie Beach, overlooking the Sound, then up-river by the Thames.

Steve Fagin

Go ahead, spider — make my day

After a swim one morning last spring, I climbed onto a floating dock and inadvertently snapped a spider web that had been strung between the ladder rails.

Rick Koster

Rick's List: Freakin' Brown Recluse Spider-in-Ear Edition

Is there even one among you who didn't see the report out of Kansas City where a poor woman named Susie Torres woke up last week and discovered a brown recluse spider had crawled in her ear while she was asleep? Mercifully, the brown recluse spider did not bite Susie Torres. Physically,...





Steve Fagin

One sure way to spoil a fun outing

The other evening, when friends and I drifted in kayaks on the Connecticut River off Old Lyme in hopes of watching a dazzling migration of tree swallows, I stared impatiently at the horizon. Where were all the blankety-blank...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Each hospital feels like a family

Just like with families, some are warm and welcoming and others are dysfunctional and belong on "The Jerry Springer Show."

Rick Koster

Rick's List Juxtaposed Press Conferences Edition

My pal Jim Spinnato is a hypnotist and a very good one. It's true that, when I volunteered to be a subject at one of his live shows, he was unable to hypnotize me — which is a shame because he convinced the other...

Steve Fagin

What’s the point of just watching a buffalo?

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do whenever I visit a national park is look for a buffalo to pet.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Koster Compound Edition

I like to think that, at my best, I can at least be petty, jealous, and capable of wallowing in self-pity — typically in a waist-deep pool of tears salted with bitterness. I TRY, anyway.  As I look around the newsroom...

Steve Fagin

Kayaking the waves: Who needs a surfboard?

Lovely two-footers broke gently against the sandy shore — big enough for easy surfing, but not so overwhelming that you had to worry about concussions and dislocated shoulders.


Upcoming concerts and shows

Brantley Gilbert — Jan. 25 at Foxwoods' Grand Theater; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $73.50-$108.50

The Tenderloins — Dec. 31 at Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $49-$89

A Day to Remember — Nov. 8 at Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $25-$45

Jerry Seinfeld — Dec. 14 at Foxwood's Grand Theater; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $82.50-$150

Supertramp's Roger Hodgson — Feb. 14 at Foxwood's Fox Theater; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $45-$65

Hot Tuna — Dec. 7 at Garde; tickets on sale now; $39-$69