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Steve Fagin

Trailblazing at the Sheets Forest in North Stonington

The three-mile, figure-eight route meanders through the heart of the Green Falls Rift Valley, a hilly, rocky swath crisscrossed by streams, and dotted with vernal pools and beaver ponds just west of the Rhode Island border.

Dr. Jon Gaudio

When you just love 'soupy'

It’s a new year, so I have to come clean.

Steve Fagin

Don’t take Westerly’s Wahaneeta and Woody Hill preserves for granite

More than 175 years ago, the clangor of hammers, drills, picks and shovels echoed through the woods in an around Westerly. This proliferation of quarries can be traced to 1845.

Robert Tougias

The Carolina wren sings through the winter

This tiny bird has a loud voice, stays paired, and defends a territory year-round. Formerly a southern bird, it has expanded its range north into Connecticut.

Steve Fagin

Groton’s Candlewood Ridge and Avery Farm Preserve: Nature, close to home

“It's amazing to have a place like this so close to a densely populated area,” Maggie Jones said, gazing at a shimmering sliver of Long Island Sound, some 10 miles south.

Carol Sommer

Sebastian Lawrence’s selfie

Sometimes good stories hide in plain sight. In this case, "plain" isn’t the right adjective because I’m talking about a Tiffany stained-glass window.





Steve Fagin

The best hikes and paddles of 2021: Despite losing our way, the fun never stopped

I’ve come to realize that the adventures readers found most memorable and entertaining were the ones in which I’d gone astray.

Steve Fagin

Off to a rocky start in North Stonington

Our mission: Reach an unmarked, fairly inaccessible section of Pachaug State Forest in North Stonington, to view an extensive array of stone walls, foundations, and piles of rocks called cairns, some of which Starr said may date back thousands of...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Tales of New London back in the day

Something about the Christmas season makes people wax nostalgic. The exam rooms where I see patients looks out over Howard Street and at the Shaw Street neighborhood. Many of my patients grew up there and will point out a house and tell a...

Steve Fagin

All I really DON’T want for Christmas

Judging from some of the holiday gift catalogs emailed to me, and presumably other outdoor writers, we’re a smelly, stressed-out, spaced-out band of misfits.

Robert Tougias

Welcoming the 'snow birds'

Two species, the white-throated sparrow and the dark-eyed junco are common here all winter, but the fox sparrow, often considered a “snow bird,” is rarely seen after late autumn.

Steve Fagin

When hunters and hikers cross paths

“Isn’t this wonderful,” I remarked, while friends and I gamboled over trails at Mooween State Park in Lisbon a few weeks ago. “So quiet … we have the whole woods to ourselves.” It WAS quiet —...