Rick Koster

Rick's List — Handicapped Parking Scofflaws Edition

Some marginally-connective thoughts on handicapped parking: 1. When I was 16, I got my first car, partially paid for with money I earned dipping ice cream. My Dad subsidized the rest, which, by his reckoning, meant HE got to select the automobile. Visions of a GTO danced into the...

Steve Fagin

Threading through the Thimble Islands by kayak

A stiff northeast wind whipped up whitecaps and buffeted our boats the other day as we exited the Branford River, rounded Indian Neck Point, squeezed between Jeffrey Rock and Clam Island, and entered the open waters of Long Island Sound.

Carol Sommer

Ink in their blood, books in their DNA

John Bill was an official printer for King James, the man who commissioned the King James Bible.

Steve Fagin

Always leave time and energy for detours on the trail

Nearing the end of an exhausting, 22-mile hike along the Narragansett Trail a few years ago, our group approached an unmarked side path leading to a ledge that I knew afforded a spectacular view of Long Pond in Hopkinton, R.I.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Musical Warfare Edition

For such a happiness-providing art form, music definitely has its advantages as a weapon. This occurs to me because of an article I saw a few days ago in The New York Times describing how Deutsche Bahn — Germany's national train operator — is going to replace the "gentle...

Robert Tougias

Watching the fall migration

The fall migration is in full swing.





Steve Fagin

Duck! Here come the swallows!

I gazed heavenward at a swirling cloud of birds, smiled and leaned back to enjoy the show.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Gorilla or Elephant in Room Edition

I blame "Jaws" for the idea that sharks are considered THE bad-asses in the zoological world when there are beasts out there as or more dangerous. A Cape Buffalo, for one, and a Black Mamba, for another — and even the...

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Witch Hunt Edition

According to a website called globalsources.com, it seems most of the fake witch hats Americans buy for Halloween are manufactured in China. I'm no economist — ask my wife as she's perusing my credit card...

Steve Fagin

Row, row, row your currach

Perched on a wooden seat the other day I gripped a pair of heavy oars that were about as aerodynamic as two-by-fours, preparing to embark on my maiden voyage in a traditional Irish currach. Seated behind me, veteran rower Kathy Walburn gave...

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Prime Hallmark Channel Season(s) Draweth Nigh edition

There are a lot of things I don't understand, and modern technology is at the top of the festering heap of my ignorance. So I had no idea what a friend was talking about last week when she explained that, returning home after a long vacation in...


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