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Rick Koster

Rick's List — Call Me Rob Edition

Why do fighter pilots get to have all the cool names?

Steve Fagin

Waterfalls, history flow through Ayers Gap

We stopped to catch our breath — not winded by the climb, but enthralled by the stunning beauty that suddenly surrounded us. “Looks like a setting from ‘Lord of the Rings,’” I said.

Rick Koster

Writer not ready for dining reviews

In mid-March, when my wife and I were just back from trips to Dallas and Charleston after respectively visiting her parents and attending a wedding, COVID-19 arrived in a big way. On return, The Day's managing editor Tim Cotter suggested I write a column about what it was like for...

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Not so easy, is it?

One of the more surprising things about the whole pandemic has been that while the ICU and the COVID ward have been relatively busy, the rest of our hospital has been relatively NOT busy.

Steve Fagin

Extreme social distancing at Pachaug Forest

Tramping over an unnamed trail at Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown last week, our small band approached two creatures we’ve rarely encountered during other recent treks off the beaten path: fellow humans.





Robert Tougias

Welcome neotropical birds to our climes

Right now, thousands of song birds are headed our way from the tropics.

Steve Fagin

The Preserve: Recreation for the public, not the privileged

Some dark clouds do in fact have silver linings.

Carol Sommer

Loss and love in the worst hard times

In 1665, when the Great London Plague forced Oxford University to close, Isaac Newton, a 22-year-old student there, went home to shelter with his aunt. During the downtime, he invented calculus.

Rick Koster

Rick's List - Unicorn Ice Cube Edition

A happy miracle! A modern day freak of nature!

Steve Fagin

Walden Preserve’s inspiring resurrection

Today, the Walden Preserve, owned by The Nature Conservancy and managed by the Salem Land Trust, is a stunningly beautiful refuge of meadows, woodlands and beaver ponds, bisected by two pristine waterways and containing six miles of gentle,...