Rick Koster

Rick's List — Dark Web Clickbait Edition

"Don't go there!" scribe is warned.

Steve Fagin

Welcome to Golden Arches National Park

A new plan to bring in food trucks, offer Amazon deliveries and expand Wi-Fi service at national parks has one major problem: It doesn’t go far enough.

Steve Fagin

Look out! Snake in a tree!

An enormous black snake, which by quick calculation measured at least 6 feet long, slowly slithered through the leaves, paused to raise its head, flicked its tongue and peered in my direction.

Carol Sommer

The joy is in the details

I love that "wow" moment when small details bring people of the past to life, when you suddenly see them as real, multi-dimensional human-beings.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — 'Fessin' Up Edition

Scribe comes clean on heretofore secret role in saving our country.





Steve Fagin

Nature rewards those who are always on the lookout

Lucky timing, I told myself, contemplating the often-ephemeral quality of nature.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — Halloween Tombstones Edition

Because there's more to the world of fake grave markers than "Frank N. Stein."

Dr. Jon Gaudio

Going step by step

I remember feeling my own kind of helplessness when, during internship, my resident pointed to a guy rolling into the Denver General ICU from the ER. He was bleeding, seizing, septic, in shock, hypoxic on a ventilator.

Steve Fagin

Ripping up bittersweet and other fun chores

My ongoing war with bittersweet, a nasty, invasive vine that slowly and stealthily strangles prey during spring and summer while camouflaged with green leaves, gains an edge in autumn.

Robert Tougias

What a choke cherry attracted

The vireos swayed with the stalks, wings fluttering for their balance, the weed laying heavy with their weight and the rich supply of fruit.

Rick Koster

Rick's List — RIP Harold Bloom Edition

Scribe reflects on (fake) friendship with late, great literary critic


Upcoming concerts and shows

Hall & Oates — May 15, 16 at Foxwoods' Grand Theater; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $95-$250

Iliza — April 17 at Foxwoods' Grand Theater; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $40-$70

Juice Newton — Jan. 30 at Katharine Hepburn Center; tickets on sale now; $45

Aoife O'Donovan — March 11 at Katharine Hepburn Center; tickets on sale now; $45-$50

The Black Crowes — July 24 at Xfinity Theatre; tickets on sale now; $29-$135

Busta Rhymes — Dec. 14 at The Strand, Providence; tickets on sale now; $30-$45