Here are Easter egg hunts for kids to enjoy this weekend

Abigail Klick, 2, of Waterford loads up her Easter basket with goodies at a 2016 Easter Egg hunt hosted by the Union Baptist Church in Mystic. (Tim Cook/The Day)

Kids love holidays, and who can blame them? They get presents on Christmas. They get a feast on Thanksgiving. And they get candy on Halloween and Easter. That brings us to activities going on ahead of Easter Sunday that should draw children’s attention: Easter egg hunts. Several...




Shaddup already with the tweeting!

No, not THOSE tweets from Washington (though, come to think of it, we all could do without them) but the ones in my backyard, where some birds have been driving me nuts with nonstop squawking, shrieking whistling and screeching.

Rick's List — Here's Bees in Your Eye Edition

As I write, the news about a patient I call "Bee Girl" is just breaking. By the time you read this, though, days later, I suspect Bee Girl will have become a huge story and I'll seem "late to the party." Well, it's irresistible. And,...



Upcoming concerts and shows

Lady Antebellum — Aug. 2 at Mohegan Sun Arena; ticket on sale at 10 a.m. today; $39-$69

Toby Keith — July 4 at Mohegan Sun Arena; ticket on sale at 10 a.m. today; $55-$129

Steely Dan — Nov. 2 at Mohegan Sun Arena; ticket on sale at 10 a.m. today; $36-$66

Daughtry — Aug. 24 at Mohegan Sun Arena; ticket on sale at 10 a.m. today; $30-$55

Los Temerarios — Nov. 17 at Foxwoods' Grand Theater; tickets on sale now; $49-$129

Big Al Anderson and the Floor Models — July 6 and 7 at Katharine Hepburn Center; tickets on sale now; $55

Patti Smith — April 27 at Bushnell, Hartford; tickets on sale now; $75

Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul — July 16 at College Street Music Hall, New Haven; tickets on sale now; $35-$75

Brantley Gilbert — Aug. 24 at Xfinity Theatre, Hartford; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. April 26; $29.75-$59.75

Charlie Daniels Band, Allman Betts Band — Nov. 15 at Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford; tickets on sale at 10 a.m. today; $39.50, $65


Hard-working wife unloads on husband at day's end

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have demanding jobs neither of us is crazy about. I sell insurance; she manages a hairdressing salon for a large company. At day's end I keep the events of the day — good or bad —...

Girl with Asperger's gets little attention from dad

DEAR ABBY: My husband is more interested in hanging out with his friends than caring about our 11-year-old daughter who has Asperger's syndrome. She's a great kid and smart, but she has challenges and needs help. It falls to me...

Politics put a sudden end to a twenty-year-old friendship

DEAR ABBY: In the last presidential election, I had a friend who voted differently than I did. We didn't try to persuade each other to vote "our" way, but I did share on social media some opinions about people who had taken some...

Mom taking care of everybody else has no time for herself

DEAR ABBY: I am a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful little girls. I appreciate my husband working so I can do this, but I'm very lonely. I have no real friends. I help my mom with all her medical needs, making...

Boyfriend is a lamb at home but becomes a lion in public

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend is incredibly sweet and kind to me, but he's often mean to strangers and can be very aggressive and angry. Some examples: I'm moving in with him, and we are giving a lot of furniture to the poor. One...

Drunk friend spills the beans on parents' separation

DEAR ABBY: My parents were separated for four years while I was in high school and college. It was an incredibly difficult time, and it strained my relationship with my dad. I was told they had "grown apart" but got back...


Your stars April 18

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Consider your options and prepare diligently. There is no room for error or risk. Change can be good...