Bishop saving face, not saving victims

I am asking you, The Most Rev. Bishop Michael R. Cote, to acknowledge me, my abuse, the abuse of others, and the culpability of the Norwich Diocese.

Tim Herbst: Election thumping shows Connecticut GOP must change

Some party leaders have been there far too long, doing nothing to proactively lead at the grassroots level to build our ranks and elect Republicans.

This is America to me

I saw two young men, teenagers maybe, locked in a loving kiss. I saw two Muslim women descending on the escalator, their dark eyes luminescent beneath their hijabs.

Consequences of Great War still linger

Exhausted soldiers crawled one final time from their respective trenches to meet on the battlefield, not as enemies now but as fellow survivors.

A quiz on the United States' involvement in World War I

1. Who was the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces? A. John J. Pershing B. Douglas Haig C. Douglas MacArthur D. Dwight Eisenhower 2. World War I began in August 1914; when did the United States enter the...

Nation must address needs of our veterans

Charity is all well and good, but ultimately it is the American people, through their government, who are responsible for meeting the needs of our veterans.

Hero of the Hudson calls on voters to save our democracy

"For much of my adult life I was a registered Republican. This Election Day I will vote for leaders committed to rebuilding our common values, not pandering to our basest impulses."

‘We are going in the wrong direction’

"We ask all leaders at home, and abroad, to refrain from making statements that are unsubstantiated, or worse, untrue, and are designed to make us anxious and afraid."

Groton Charter change would empower voters

This revision is sensible and prudent given the challenges we face. Those who run the town will be more accountable to the voters.

Preserve RTM, the 'heart of (Groton) community'

At the heart of our community is a vibrant New England-style democracy that is best illustrated by the town’s Representative Town Meeting.

Do we judge behavior of city kids differently?

My first thought after reading about the fight after a game in New London was whether there would have been as much concern had there been a fight between high school athletes in Killingly and Plainfield? Likely not.

Vote for candidates who support the arts

Locally, few industries generate as much revenue for our cities and towns — and Connecticut as a whole — than arts events.


Doesn't CMEEC get it? It has to change

Federal indictments are harder to shrug off than a wrist slap from a local ethics commission.

Despite Trump, Congress should seek immigration compromise

It wasn’t that long ago that the United States prided itself on providing safe harbor for asylum seekers fleeing oppression.

Elusive goal of landing commerical air service at Groton airport

With the recent naming of chamber president Tony Sheridan as the chairman of the state's airport authority the odds of regaining commercial service...


Columnist Red Jahncke

Connecticut Republicans can win by staying true to ideals

In the bluest of blue years, the party’s most conservative members won, suggesting that articulating and defending strong GOP positions is the...

Columnist Chris Powell

Don't flee Connecticut, join the resistance

People so noisily threatening to leave the state are only advertising that they’re still here. They would have far more political impact if...

Columnist David Ignatius

Trump creates void that other nations, including Russia and China, are happy to fill

Europeans spent a year trying to make nice, but they seem to have gotten the message. American isn't a fully reliable protector anymore.