Suppressing black vote amounts to oppression

We must reflect on the legacy of systemic oppression on which the black experience in America was founded, and which, in far too many ways, continues to this day.

Charge of voter suppression shows true racial animus

What is perhaps most alarming about President Ojakian’s statement is its author abusing his authority as CSUS president to disseminate his personal opinions on political issues which have nothing to do with higher education.

Debate is not really about tolls, it's about lack of trust

The Connecticut government is addicted to taxpayer dollars, with the Democrats who control it going to any length to get their fix.

Investing in the Connecticut Experience

The Tourism Fund invests in the Connecticut experience — building vibrant communities, attracting tourists and employers, and boosting our economy.

One size fits all is a bad fit for public buildings

A plan mandating classical design for federal buildings could be heading for Trump’s desk. My advice: Rip it up.

Orsted/Eversource State Pier deal an economic opportunity for the region

The project is forward-thinking in its support of sustainable, pro-environment green energy and U.S. energy independence. It creates diversity in Connecticut's energy supplies.

The vegan revolution is here to stay

Consumers are showing a growing preference for food products that don't involve using or killing animals.

Animosity during State of the Union Address was wrong

Symbolically ripped apart with the president's words were Staff Sergeant Christopher Hake, killed in action and General Charles McGee who flew 130 combat missions in World War II.

Pelosi's drug scheme robs patients of tomorrow’s new medicines

If H.R. 3 becomes law, drug makers will lose a trillion dollars in revenue within just 10 years. And that plummeting revenue would have severe consequences for drug research.

We all need to be advocates to address climate change

To effectively respond to major issues like climate change, explained Thomas Friedman, a community must have “resilience and propulsion.” That is, be able to bounce back and drive forward, collectively.

Transportation suffering because Democrats have failed to act

A column filled with political innuendo may sell newspapers, but it doesn’t solve problems.

'Team Lamont' twist facts to push its tolls agenda

By omitting a very important fact, a press release from the governor's office was extremely misleading.


Don't deny Republicans a primary choice

If Trump is the only viable Republican presidential candidate, what is the state party leader worried about?

Murphy’s Iran talks

President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the Connecticut Democrat’s recent meeting with Iran’s foreign violates the obscure...

Lamont, Democrats outflanked on tolls

Democrats were all over the place on tolls. Republicans stood firm. Firm won. So now what?


Columnist Chris Powell

Has toll debate launched new movement in Connecticut

Having triumphed improbably, will the movement fade away or evolve into something bigger, pursuing broader issues to bring state government to...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Legislature should stay out of debates taking place on college campuses

Should the legislature be assuring the free exchange of ideas on college campuses? Don't we have a First Amendment to guarantee that?

Columnist John Kass

Blagojevich commutation buries Trump's promise about 'draining the swamp'

The president has made a mistake in letting someone who stinks from the stench of corruption get out of prison early.