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Start planning to make state government normal, too

Many of my colleagues rightly stressed the need to return the legislature to its co-equal role. What's the plan? What are the logistics?

People and their history are the heart of Mystic

The people and their history are the heart of a community. I would hope that here in Mystic, folks would be more aware of theirs.

Expand House to make it representative again

The first Congress had one representative for 60,000 Americans. The ratio is now 760,000 and rapidly growing.

Run through the tape to victory over COVID-19

We need more people to be vaccinated. Our vaccines are safe. They will help us beat this virus. I commend everyone who has received the doses of these life-saving vaccines.

Political roadhouse brawl at State Pier

Roughly 100 people lost their jobs as DRVN Enterprises and the ILA 1411 Longshoremen’s Union were forced out of State Pier with no viable alternate location to continue operations.

Unite for a better education for all kids

For too long, the charter schools in Connecticut that serve brown and Black communities have been mistreated and underserved by our state.

Training a workforce for economic recovery

The legislature and public should support bills proposed by Gov. Ned Lamont with the intent of matching worker training to the jobs available.

Radical new approach needed to address tragedy at the border

Unless the U.S. helps address the need for birth control, and the education of girls in Central America, the downward spiral of poverty will continue forever.

'Confront prejudice and discrimination on every front'

We pray for the communities of those of Asian descent in not only Atlanta but throughout our country.

The case for vaccinating kids against COVID-19

Preventing covid-19 in kids could also mean preventing disability from long covid, a condition in which children have lingering symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain or neurologic symptoms.

Don't miss chance to improve lives, reduce inequality, strengthen community

Those of us, of all political persuasions, who long for everyone in our community to thrive are called to seize this moment provided by the American Rescue Plan.

Improve democracy by approving voting reforms in Connecticut

Misinformation alleging voting fraud is dangerous because it undermines our democracy and election administration — a process that has multiple checks and balances to ensure that only eligible voters can take part.


Making New London greener, shadier and healthier

A group of volunteers have quietly gone about the task of planting new trees in the city and making the extra effort to help assure they will be...

Concerning affordable housing, Connecticut must do better

What is unassailable is that housing options for low-income residents are almost exclusively situated in impoverished and often segregated...

Criticism of Georgia voting law well deserved

The primary goal of the changes in Georgia voting law is to suppress the Black vote in future elections. That is what is going on.


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Offshore wind energy plans brighten State Pier's future

New London stands to be a major player in the Biden administration's drive towards a cleaner energy future, but some critics still see that as a bad...

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Fear of racial change drove Jan. 6 insurrection

An analysis found the rioters hailed mostly from counties where the white population is shrinking fastest and the non-white growing most aggressively.

Columnist John Kass

Biden will go down as the president who poisoned baseball

"Baseball has marked the time," noted James Earl Jones' character in "Field of Dreams." Now Biden, Democrats and the woke corporations caving to woke...