Solar project poses threat to Niantic River

This solar installation, as proposed, could do serious damage, especially given the track record of the company.

‘Circular Economy’ of re-use can avert crisis

The 'Circular Economy' entails a full implementation of a circular path of use, one in which goods and materials are re-used, re-cycled and re-purposed.

Why do people stay put during hurricanes?

Lack of preparation, the research shows, is caused by cognitive biases that lead people to underplay warnings and make poor decisions.

Groton charter change would empower taxpayers

By providing an improved process for preparing the town and education budgets and giving citizens a chance to vote on them, better budgets should result.

Reasons given to block Oz Griebel from debate outdated and wrong

The standards the Day and its debate co-sponsors are using to determine who should be allowed on the debate stage are not relevant in today’s media world.

Local news Is dying, and it’s taking small town America with It

Towns without serious local news coverage demonstrate less social cohesion, corroding any actual sense of community.

New urbanism for New London

New London could be one of the most vibrant examples of an exciting and challenging shift from a post-industrial to a knowledge economy.

It’s Labor Day, not Union Day

If union membership, representation, and dues payment were strictly voluntary, union officials would have to earn workers’ support, and officials would need to be accountable and responsive to the rank-and-file or else face a loss of revenue.

On Labor Day, a call for fairness

Labor Day is a reminder of an increasingly out-of-balance economy. As the wealth of a few corporate elites reaches unprecedented heights, working people still are being left out of the immense prosperity that we create every day.

The passage of years won't protect those who failed to act on abuse complaints

Expect a 'significant oversight role by the Laity, especially experts in law enforcement, psychology, and other relevant disciplines.'

Information lacking on Norwich economic plan

City councilors explain why they voted to block a plan the mayor argued was badly needed to promote economic growth in the city.

Victories in reducing homelessness provide social services model

Hard-working nonprofits that largely make up the homelessness response system signed on to challenging changes and have seen them work.


Senate right hearing both sides of troubling account

The nominee has a motive to make an unequivocal denial. It is harder to come up with a reason why the accuser would create such a false narrative.

House Republicans double down on reckless tax policy

The price tag for making tax cuts permanent will be $631 billion in additional federal debt over the next decade, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Library directors contributed richly to our communities

Two retiring directors have been instrumental in leading their libraries through a period of change and fiscal challenges.


Columnist Cal Thomas

The left is running on empty

This letter should be seen for what it is − a last-minute, desperate attempt to prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation and part of a broader plan to...

Columnist Richard Cohen

The party of Lincoln is about to drown

The Republican Party is unified − like lemmings about to hurl themselves into the sea.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Heaven help us in the next financial crisis

A decade after the financial crisis, it is clear the policymakers who averted a second Great Depression never convinced the public that what they did...