Sounds of strings fill the New London library

The strings lessons at our local public library are designed to promote active learning, both by the students and by their parents.

Oysters are good neighbors!

The oyster is an important mitigator of the excess nitrogen problem in the Niantic River. Efforts to expand oyster populations should be supported.

Why would women knock Women in White?

Women have to move past the tendency to judge women differently than men when it comes to ambition and assertiveness.

Get the facts, make informed decision on East Lyme Public Safety Complex

Countless hours have been devoted by dedicated individuals who have tirelessly volunteered their time and expertise to find the best possible resolution for an ongoing issue.

Want to stop fake news? Pay for the real thing

Why are these highly successful, very rich companies so unwilling to pay news publishers for access to the quality journalism that users need and value?

Day out of touch with voters in opposing popular vote compact

In a strange take on the democratic process, you believe Connecticut should back out of the compact, yet a substantial majority of Connecticut voters agree that the candidate who wins the most votes should become president.

Legitimate, frugal plan for East Lyme police

Any other proposal will cost more than twice the $5 million that the town boards approved for the project.

When it comes to tolls, slow down!

Connecticut must prioritize projects that have the most economic benefit for our state. If we reprioritize our current transportation spending, we do not need toll revenue.

Some Republicans saw his Muslim faith as diaqualifier for party leadership

"A handful of members from the party launched a public effort to remove me from the position simply because I am Muslim."

Don't accept bad choice as only choice for East Lyme police station

Don't fall for the illusion that anyone voting no will be responsible for the police department's ongoing deplorable working conditions. Demand a better choice.

Faith groups should work together for good of the region

We can provide a practical way to transform the current patchwork network of aid for the marginalized and demonstrate the unity of goodness shared by all faiths.

Private partners can help meet public water utility needs

This public-private partnership dynamic has a strong track record of addressing some debilitating issues affecting publicly owned and operated water systems.


Lamont arrives at right toll policy the wrong way

While it is always troubling to see a candidate say one thing and do another, Lamont has arrived at the right decision in recognizing the revenue...

Republicans could regret allowing Trump to use sham emergency

Those who are betting on the federal courts to save the day could be disappointed, because a year from now the Supreme Court might very well rule...

A smart solution to address East Lyme's police station problem

East Lyme desperately needs a new police station for its officers, and an economical way has come forward to provide it.


Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

The Green New Deal means giant tax increases − on everyone

With her statements, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has inadvertently exposed the neo-socialist lie that you can get something for nothing.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Paid family leave isn't just a women's issue. It's an economic one.

Paid maternity leave − and its broader, more ecumenical version, paid family leave − is quite popular, drawing support from majorities...

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

How to screw up an emergency declaration in 10 easy steps

Any intellectually honest lawmaker cognizant of his oath of office would be obliged to vote to end the fraudulent emergency. However, many Republican...