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State needs public option for health security

With no shareholders breathing down their necks asking for quarterly returns, a public option could focus on creating the kind of coordinated care that patients need.

New London safety response model can help police and public

A framework is available upon which to build a new public safety response system and improve both our police response and the quality of life for everyone in our city.

Nation must choose a better, wiser road ahead

We at the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme stand firm against this profane alliance of religion, white supremacy, and far-right political values.

The Hill We Climb

The young, gifted poet became an overnight sensation after delivering the poem she had written specifically for the inaugural ceremony.

Covid Fog created its own reality

Maybe it was Jaime whom I thanked for being a voice in the night. Maybe it was someone else entirely. Maybe it didn't happen at all. COVID-19 robs wordsmith of ability to separate delusion from reality.

Stop wasting resources on weapons that could bring global destruction

Do we really need these nuclear weapons? No, we need jobs! And there are so many jobs that need to be done.

Time to 'become intolerant of the intolerance'

It’s time to be heard, to be seen, and to be counted among those who will not accept the actions of those who attack our institutions and people such as Regina Mosley.

Groton Dem Committee: Insurrection aided by many in GOP

But Trump did not act alone. He was aided and abetted by numberless Republican politicians, some who actively endorsed his lies, others who remained silent.

Private clubs hit with big liquor-permit fee at worst time

Prior to the passage of this act, a club permit was $300 per year. Now it is $2,000 per year, a 666% increase in one year! Even for Connecticut, that's a bit steep.

Community College leaders joint statement on Capitol attack

This incident shed a glaring light on our nation’s failure to address the most critical and divisive elements in our society.

Day editorial correct, Connecticut Republicans need a new path

The Day also calls for open primaries to unaffiliated voters, with which I could not agree more.

Racism as political strategy too long tolerated

The Republican us-against-them Southern Strategy led to President Trump's election and to the violent reaction when his supporters would not accept the democratically determined outcome.


Keep filibuster, but require a real one

The current filibuster rule is far too easy to utilize and too powerful for the minority to hold — Republican or Democrat.

Republican fear of loathing in the City of Groton

Yes, politics can get ugly, but if the response is to sit out democracy, then those unpleasant folks win.

Free speech and the social media giants

We certainly recognize the dangers in restricting commentary. Ignorance of what is driving one side of a debate is not always bliss.


Columnist Robert Reich

CEOs' newfound concern for democracy is bunk

If they were committed to democracy, CEOs of big corporations would cease corporate donations to all candidates, close their political action...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Trump didn’t save coal. He couldn’t.

It was not Trump's fault that coal was dying. It was his fault that he lied about being able to save it.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

No uniting when racism and fear of change are exploited

Muslims will never return to the margins, nor women to the kitchen, or gays to the closet, nor Black people to the back of the bus.