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This 'rebel' won't be told how to live

We have no idea what the long-term effects of these vaccines will be on the human race. Yet we are told we must comply or lose our ability to earn, to shop, to be schooled — to leave our house.

Flawed census should not stand unchallenged

Evidence shows that progressive Blue States lost out in Census 2020, while arch-conservative Red States gained both congressional seats and billions of federal dollars.

U.S. support is vital to build stable Haiti

I urge support for "The Haiti Development, Accountability, and Institutional Transparency Initiative Act (H.R. 2471)." The Act proposes actions to “support post-earthquake and post-hurricane recovery and development in Haiti.

On Friday, ‘Say no to nuclear weapons’

On this 76th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, we must say no to nuclear weapons. We call for abolition. We say yes to a better future.

Sen. Murphy: Manufacturing is Connecticut's future, if we're smart about it

We have the opportunity to make sure the 21st century is Made in America, we just have to be willing to make smart, bold investments.

Beware woke’s reverse racism and inanity

Woke critical race and justice theory is a cancer that will bring deep and explicit discrimination into every workplace, schoolhouse, and public square decision unless we shut it down right away.

Conservatives have always looked to stop social progress

Decade after decade, century after century, leftist reformers defeated conservatives to advance secular humanism. Not surprising then, that they attack 'woke' culture.

Pelosi and Cheney; powerful female forces playing Washington hardball

This Speaker doesn’t shout. She doesn’t have to. Her self-confidence and long political record add to the volume of whatever she is saying because she is the one saying it.

Think twice, Grandma, before becoming the nanny

Taking care of children is rewarding, but it can be a grind. Grandparents may start to feel resentful or that they're being taken for granted.

Can democracy survive a generation that doesn't care to be informed?

Only 5% of U.S. citizens aged 9-24 are regular consumers of news from newspapers or digital publications. Meanwhile, 54% of Generation Z members get their daily news from social media sites

Should newspapers retire the term 'Op-Ed'? Yes

In an era of fake news, alleged fake news, click bait and confusion, anything that increases clarity should be welcomed.

Should newspapers retire the term 'Op-Ed'? No

Unlike many other words in our business, such as lede, graf, sidebar, deep background, hed and kicker, the public knows what “Op-Ed” stands for even if it doesn’t know where exactly the word came from.


A war footing to defeat the COVID virus

Vaccine and mask-wearing requirements are necessary not only to protect the individual, but to protect everyone, and ultimately to bring this viral...

Avoiding an eviction crisis

It is possible the nation could see a spike in evictions and in homelessness, even though Congress has approved funds to avoid that very outcome.

Protecting Alaska

Many of Alaska's state and local leaders have opposed logging restrictions for economic reasons. They're not seeing the forest for the trees.


Columnist Clarence Page

Give Nancy Pelosi a gold medal!

With the exception of Cheney and Kinzinger, Republicans, who used to be the party of law and order, lined up against police officers and on the side...

Columnist Robert Reich

The virus is back; so is Trumpism

The real sinister force is the Trump Republicans' cynical exploitation of lies and anti-scientific rubbish to divide and divert us.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

It appears COVID is here to stay

The idea of fixing the problem is fading, replaced by an approach to manage it.