Spring! Humanity embraces its light

Spring sunlight and shifting night/day lengths markedly affect humans. Spring fever is for real.

Reporting on Connecticut Landmarks crossed legal line into malice

While the preservationist society respects First Amendment rights, it may be forced to sue because some of the reporting amounted to "actual malice."

Why lawmakers must thoroughly vet Malloy’s chief justice nominee

There are those who argue that all lawmakers should support McDonald’s nomination because a "no" vote is politically risky. That position is not only offensive, but violates elected officials’ obligations to their constituents

Sell Seaside, don't betray those in need

Those opposing this bill question the sale of Seaside as providing only a one-time funding source. Instead, it should be viewed as an investment in human lives.

Save Seaside in Waterford, don’t Pawn our Parks

Threatening Seaside and other state shoreline lands threatens Long Island Sound, drinking water, wildlife, and outdoor recreation.

Do we want a U.S. culture of violence or a culture of peace?

Is our acceptance of violence as a normal way of life, and the way we solve our problems, the root cause of our fascination with guns?

A close local look on this Women's Day

The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut commissioned DataHaven to conduct a study on the status of women and girls in eastern Connecticut to better understand the issues impacting women.

Trump's right, on trade we're the world's 'biggest sucker'

Others nations all want to sell here but they don’t want to compete with U.S. goods back at home, implementing unfair trade policies to protect their markets.

On trade, Trump risks repeating mistakes that led to Great Depression

For Connecticut, Trump's plunge into tariffs on steel and aluminum is not a happy situation for what is left of our large manufacturers.

I’m not going to kill someone. Period.

Teachers are educators, not cops. There is no correlation between helping and nurturing young people and possibly getting into gun fights. It is simply not in our DNA

Blaming guns invites more tragedies

If guns were eliminated, people capable and predisposed of doing these crimes would resort to other means.

New London education budget deserves support

If we’re not able to find the political will to see our magnet transition through in a robust and thoughtful way, we will all be worse off in the end.


UConn moves on, but Ollie will be paid

The “just cause” claim is a negotiating ploy. It is unlikely that university officials think they can make the just cause claim stick,...

Lessons for both parties from Penn. special election

To stop the political train rushing at them, Republican candidates will need to do more than stoke fears about gun control and tax-and-spend...

U.S. House must support child-pornography victim restitution

Every state attorney general sent a letter to congressional leaders encouraging them to establish full restitution for the aggregate harm to victims...


Columnist Richard Cohen

The saga of the adult film star and the juvenile president

Stormy Daniels is as shameless as Trump, a publicity hound who adheres to the secular American religion that to be famous, even for nothing much, is...

Columnist David Ignatius

Will U.S. abandon ally in terrorist fight?

The Syrian Kurds did the fighting and dying against the Islamic State. The world owes them a debt. Betraying the Kurds and acquiescing to Turkey...

Columnist Alexandra Petri

The good news about all Trump’s firings

If there is one thing we know about Trump, it is that his instincts about everything are correct.