Don't strip RTM from Groton governance

Should Groton approve the proposed charter ammendments and change its town government? As a former moderator of the RTM, I believe the RTM...

Florin provides superior court coverage for Day

I write in honor of Day staff writer and court reporter Karen Florin whom I've sat with in our Part A courthouse and also in...

Somers wanted bump-stock bill that was fair to all

Regarding the letter, “Gun vote...


Columnist Chris Powell

For Connecticut Sen. Blumenthal, it's all about stopping Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh's judicial ideology remains the real issue. Blumenthal and most other Senate Democrats will oppose the nominee on any pretext, no matter...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Chaos or not, Trump is racking up a record of foreign policy success

Trump has pursued a foreign policy that is a significant improvement over his predecessor's.

Columnist Cal Thomas

The left is running on empty

This letter should be seen for what it is − a last-minute, desperate attempt to prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation and part of a broader plan to...