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Build the pedestrian bridge over Water Street now

Let some of our Connecticut taxes come to New London. We deserve it. Let’s vote to build the pedestrian bridge over Water...

Italian American disturbed that heritage attacked

I can't believe what is happening in this world. I am Italian, born Jean Impellitteri, and proud of it. My dad was proud of his background as...

Presidential election is not over, that awaits Dec. 14

In recent weeks The Day published numerous letters decrying President Trump's refusal to concede defeat. This criticism demonstrates...


Columnist Lee Elci

Head-scratching numbers continue election doubts

It just doesn't add up. And Trump's legal team has less than two weeks to prove fraud is the reason.

Columnist Robert Reich

The dangerous seduction of 'back to normal'

America wants to return to a reassuring normal, but Biden can't allow it. Complacency would be deadly. He has to both calm the waters and stir the...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Voters do not buy simple left/right arguments

Liberal Californians voted against affirmative action. Conservative Floridians supported a big hike in the minimum wage. Folks are not as simple as...