Connecticut voters opt for tax and caravan loving Democrats

I love Connecticut. It used to be a great place to live and work. Now it is slowly dying. Congratulations to the voters for allowing their...

Boycott effectively targets destruction of Israel

The Day performed a valuable public service by publishing Whitt Flora's op-ed, "

Active listening and use of facts can avoid hurtful discourse

We are depressed by bitter statements from supposed leaders in politics, entertainment, and the news media. And now, increasingly, from neighbors,...


Columnist Eugene Robinson

Rather than lick his wounds, Trump ramps up his bluster

A blue wave swept Democrats to take control of the House, with the party grabbing its biggest haul of GOP-held seats since the 1974 Watergate midterm.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Tight races raised election integrity issues

Brenda Snipes' actions (or inactions) during another controversial Flordia election would be outrageous no matter the color or gender of the person...

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Dealing with the invasion of the scooters

As scooters multiply in sunny Santa Monica, their owners ignoring the rules, a community tries to figure out how to react.