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Ramp up domestic oil production

Our media keeps telling us how bad the other countries are doing with fuel costs so we will feel good about the inflated price we are paying, "

The Day avoids bigger issues in Fox News editorial

I received a call on Sunday from a friend asking me if I had read the Editorial on the Opinion Page of the Day, June 20? I had not but did read...

Happy graduates, proud employee

On Monday, Winthrop School in New London held their fifth-grade graduation. It was a beautiful, breezy day. The students and their families were...


Columnist Red Jahncke

Throw out 'The Magnificent Seven'

As one of the most heavily indebted states in the nation, Connecticut will see one of the largest increases in interest expense.

Columnist Clarence Page

Congress needs to protect future elections too

Elections have consequences, as the saying goes, and so do backroom deals made in place of elections to choose our political leaders.

Columnist Cal Thomas

The decline of a nation

Without a power to restrain humankind from our lower nature, anything goes. Is this where we want to be and is this the direction in which we wish to...