Mistakes were made with Groton land swap but options available

The Merritt property, purchased with public funds, is dedicated to open space, conservation and recreational purposes. Though aware of that...

Putin pulls Russia down familiar path

We sit here and watch as Russian President Vladimir Putin pretends his leadership is good and our leadership is bad. This is anything but the...

Make your blackout problems go away

With the regularity of power outages and the thousands of homes affected by it, this might be a perfect opportunity to have a safe plug in outlet...


Columnist Alexandra Petri

The good news about all Trump’s firings

If there is one thing we know about Trump, it is that his instincts about everything are correct.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Challenging the cult of climate change

A new book provides a point-by-point takedown of the predictions of disaster made by the climate change movement, none of which have materialized.

Columnist Chris Powell

Tong's case for McDonald is hypocritical nonsense

If it's wrong for legislators to second-guess judges, why does Connecticut's Constitution give the General Assembly the power to appoint and...