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Memo to the media: Selective moral outrage is fraudulence

Published: July 8, 2020 | Mike DiMauro

How about nobody ever quotes Hitler again?

Good thing Maya Moore didn't 'shut up and dribble'

Published: July 7, 2020 | Mike DiMauro

Maya Moore deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Dr. I: a closet Pats fan this season?

Will people named Brady have to change their names?

No more excuses at UConn: It's time to win

UConn has competitive advantages – some self-evident, others to be exercised – other Big East schools do not.

Will mosquitoes impact H.S. sports more than COVID-19?

EEE issues may imperil high school sports again this fall.

We're gonna miss you, Elaine Butler

Elaine Butler's chutzpah will be missed

How long till baseball goes to penalty kicks?

Don't we go to the ballpark to forget our daily problems?

Lorraine Allen: I'm glad I got to know her ... and will miss her dearly

New London hasn't known many more civic minded people than Lorraine Allen.

On transgender athletes: The law cannot stand still

Our antiquated, one-size-fits-all laws on this issue do not address the inherent concerns of equity, morality and biology. They need to be rewritten.

Change is happening before our eyes

This country works best when we include everyone of all colors, religions, ancestries and orientations who learn with, play with and learn about each other.

Local businesses offer hope to 700 with graduation gift boxes

Dozens (and dozens) of local businesses have offered us hope this month. They conspired to fill 700 "graduation boxes" with goodies for every kid graduating from East Lyme, Waterford and New London High Schools.

Shockey over Bavaro? I don't think so

I love no team more than the football Giants.

Tom Poblete: He came back home to New London

Tom Poblete pays it forward by remaining in New London

Do we have the guts to start teaching history differently?

History is a living thing, with tentacles and voices stretching across varying races and cultures

All-world fundraiser Bill Stanley can use a helping hand now

It requires time and many acts of good to reach institutional status. Ladies and gentlemen ... Bill Stanley.

CIAC: the home office for competitive disadvantage

Three-time defending state champion St. Joseph moves to a less competitive division

It's time to get the bugs (mosquitoes) out

If we have a high school sports season this fall, what guarantees do we have that it won't get hijacked again by those infamous mosquitoes carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis? Ah yes. The dreaded EEE.

Young voices protest in ... wait for it ... East Lyme!

Three former athletes raise awareness

Voice of NFA grad McAlister resonates in black and white

NFA grad grapples with conflicting emotions

If baseball stays dark, why would we ever return to the ballpark?

The NBA, NHL and NFL are making it work. Baseball can't.

Sorry if failing to 'stick to sports' makes you uncomfortable

Athletes must use their forums and influence now more than ever

Are the Chicken Littles going to win at UConn?

State U is hardly alone nationally in its financial quagmire. But trying to solve it as if there's some cosmic shot clock tick-tick-ticking is far more reactionary than cautionary.

Colin Kaepernick's knee never killed anybody

Colin Kaepernick is still deemed "unpatriotic" by many who have never had to fight for the foundational right to live. Derek Chauvin's knee, placed on George Floyd's throat for more than eight minutes in Minneapolis, is a murder weapon.

Yeomans: from forgotten man to THE man

Yeomans made his last two places better places

Dr. I: of pickoffs, loud trains and literally too much of literally

80 pages of baseball restrictions too much

The Day never had a better reporter than Bill Toscano

We lost William Donovan Toscano last week to COVID-19. He died in Framingham, Mass. at 61. The Day has sent several alums to bigger papers and media outlets. But never — ever — has it had a better reporter.

Obama's words — 'build a community' — begin with sports

Building a community suggests togetherness

Millsaps comes with baggage, but deserves clean slate at NLHS

The state found 116 students bypassing the blind lottery process at Millsaps' old school.

R.I.P. to 'Waterford's Baseball Encyclopedia'

Harold "Hat" Fengar coached two Waterford teams to the Babe Ruth World Series.

When will MLB fans realize they have all the power?

Players, owners bicker over our money

Dunce caps all around in Killingly ... once again

Turf field voted down in Killingly

Dodd Stadium open to just about anything as it celebrates its 25th season

How sad, really, that Dodd Stadium's silver summer may be rendered quiet by the new abnormal

Geno to grads: 'You are living the greatest time of your life'

Auriemma's 'graduation speech' to the class of 2020

Walking or running, all in the name of 'Ski'

A chance to participate in a virtual road race

How much longer will sports fans be so well behaved?

A portion of this country -most of the south - will go Vesuvius without college football

A chance to honor Emily Eshenfelder ... and have fun, too

Creativity often begins in the abstract, which is why at first glance, this project involving the Emily Eshenfelder Foundation spawns quizzical looks.

Anyone out there (besides EL's Farrior) smart enough to know what they don't know?

Very few of us are health care professionals

Missing the Kentucky Derby, but remembering it with 'Unbridled' passion

There was supposed to be a Kentucky Derby on Saturday. It would have been cause to gather, watch and bet. It's a holy day of sports obligation to many of us.

Where do NL kids go now with no more Martin Center?

Community center would give New London kids a destination.

Brandy, she's a fine girl; just ask Roger and Pete

We need moments of comfort and enjoyment

It was about textbooks as much as playbooks for A.J. Dillon

This is not a football story. It is a life story. It is about how A.J. Dillon, the next kid to go national from the 06320, arrived not merely because he was blessed with the football gene, but because he parlayed it with unflagging pursuits of education and community.

In appreciation of Muffet McGraw

Muffet McGraw was our villain. Geno Auriemma was Notre Dame's.

'Stick to sports?' Fine. Maybe others should, too

The concepts of greater good and self-sacrifice have never been more prevalent.

GameDay presents Throwback Thursdays

GameDay Archives: New London 23, Middletown 22

Dr. I: In the Department of Redundancy Department ...

Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, would like to join the chorus and salute all doctors, nurses, medical technicians, healthcare office staff, grocery store workers and all the other folks on the frontlines for the work they do.

The coronavirus may turn me into a better loser

Some of you read this daily drivel and think I couldn't possibly be a bigger loser, let alone a better one. Thanks for reading nonetheless. And let me explain.

Desmond's project will get us all talking about baseball again

Not to be pretentious or anything, but there are problems remaining in the world because social distancing precludes us from solving them at the moment.

All-Decade softball team features Gatorade variety pack

Softball. This is where the Eastern Connecticut Conference gets to create similar self-esteem issues for other parts of the state, as evidenced by our All-Decade team.

Of mosquitoes, bowling and singing at Fenway: a look back at H.S. season

A chronological look back at some notable high school sports moments since September:

Aren't UConn fans supposed to know something about women's basketball?

The top 32 players in UConn women's history

Sports are doomed! Sports are doomed! (Or not)

It's early April. I have no idea what sports will look like in the coming months. Neither does anyone else

Playing politics during a pandemic? You no longer matter

This pandemic, if nothing else, has illustrated a few things to me: 1) politics during a health crisis are toxic and destructive; and 2) the unending need to be right about everything is overrated.

Marc Romano finally got the job he deserves: full-time athletic director

Groton needs to reconsider its AD position

We have more reasons than ever to believe in the goodness of people

We are living very conscious days, perhaps examining our lives and values as never before.

Moreland hasn't lost his fastball, even dealing with daughter's coronavirus

Local football official and baseball umpire Kevin Moreland learned Monday that his daughter, Cory Lynn, a nurse at Yale-New Haven, has the coronavirus. She is 24.

East Lyme's Mebus sisters are heroes in NYC ... and need your help

Rachel and Paige Mebus, former athletes and graduates of East Lyme High, work in New York City hospitals, heroically and frightfully fighting the coronavirus.

Game changer: My friend Doris tested positive for coronavirus

It's a relief to know Doris Burke is symptom free. Yet her story is also a cautionary tale.

Depth made selecting ECC All-Decade baseball team a challenge

Nowhere else in the state can trumpet the names O'Neill, Harvey, Varjas, Rousseau, Schiffner, Bidwell, McDonald, Davis, Campbell, Walker, Fordyce, Carignan ... Apologies to the scores of others unintentionally omitted.

If Nocito was in your gymnasium, it was a big game

Tony Nocito retires after 19 ECC championship games, nine state championship games and as the 2017 CIAC Official of the Year.

Life, liberty ... and the fundamental right to birdie 17 at Shenny

Can someone explain why Shennecossett, Norwich Golf Course and Stonington Country Club (for its members) are still open?

We never made it to Mohegan, but we sure can remember

GameDay has compiled highlights of the top 10 state playoff games of the past decade involving schools from this corner of the world.

Noreika the latest example of character rising from crisis

A Facebook site established recently to collect restaurant gift cards earmarked for the staff at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

This is the perfect time to help out others

The best way we’re going to survive this is together. So how does one navigate such a paradoxical road? Look to our favorite gin mills, of course.

Vermont-Syracuse and Jensen's memories remind us how much we miss sports

It was 15 years ago when a bunch of players from Vermont became the most treasured men in the state this side of Ben or Jerry. The No. 15 Catamounts took down No. 2 Syracuse with Stonington Whiz Kid Alex Jensen in the middle of it.

No need for CIAC to end spring season without giving it a chance

We will know more Wednesday about the plight of the spring high school sports season, following a meeting of league commissioners at Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference headquarters.

Sports suddenly 'don't matter?' They've never mattered more

Sports, the great societal distraction, became the vehicle that ultimately awakened the country to the COVID-19's threat.

Should the CIAC return $29,300 in state tournament entry fees?

We've learned in recent days and weeks that the economic tentacles of the coronavirus have left our better angels indisposed

Cancel sports tournaments but not school? I don't think so

Somehow, educational leadership in our state has concluded that our kids are safer among all their classmates, teachers and other staffers within the bustling halls of a school than they would be playing basketball in a gym without spectators

The CIAC allowed fear to prevail instead of common sense

There was never a darker day in state high school sports than Tuesday. We allowed fear of the unknown to stage a coup d'état on common sense.

Dr. I finds a practical use for Coronavirus

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for bracketology, a case of Lysol to arrive and for the Yankees to get a new medical staff:

The Facchini files: Mercy should temper justice, but when it involves kids?

There is nothing more sacrosanct that protecting our kids from predatory adults. I just don't see justice served in its highest form here when so many people have been hurt, beginning with kids

ECC, Mohegan Sun partnership has become envy of entire state

The Eastern Connecticut Conference has become a beacon for other leagues in Connecticut to emulate. Never has this league been more efficient and of better service to the kids and their memories.

Suddenly, we own college hoops in this corner of the world

It was a little less than 24 hours earlier that the Bears, left for dead a few weeks ago, won their third road game in five days, this one for the conference tournament championship at WPI.

Appointment to Navy caps quite a week for Fitch's Brown

Fitch senior Ajia Brown a different kind of cat. He says "sir" a lot in casual conversation. He actually converses. And he can do so with adults as easy as his friends. Makes you pine for more like him.

Girls from the ECC finally get to play The Big Room

There is no other sporting venue in the country today — none — that does more for girls' and women's sports than Mohegan Sun Arena. #GirlDads everywhere have enjoyed the shapes and forms of Neon Uncasville for many years now.

What's all that jazz about at Coast Guard? A new lease on the season

Basketball practice, perhaps met at moments throughout the season with a sense of dread, never felt as good as it did Monday at Coast Guard.

Courtney Williams: Not here anymore because she didn't want to be

Courtney Williams had a specific target in mind for the summer of 2020. It wasn't Connecticut.

Light: Stonington's 'team of one' who wrestles at Fitch

Sam Light, otherwise a Stonington Bear – his wrestling singlet is brown and white – wrestles with Fitch as a "team of one," the CIAC's option that allows kids to stay in the sport they love.

Is Old Saybrook really looking for a fight with Ellis family over zoning issue?

The town of Old Saybrook's Zoning Commission is suing town residents John and Jane Ellis, who have dedicated most of their lives to helping cancer victims and their families through the Connecticut Sports Foundation.

Orbe is the right guy for the right job at the right time

Phil Orbe wins wherever he goes. He does not tolerate fools. He will hold you accountable. He is fair. He is firm. This job means a lot to him. So does the city.

Third graders at RMMS want to own their words

The idea is that RMMS is teaching kids to stand up for what they believe in – and not care who knows it. I love it. And so should journalists – real ones, anyway - everywhere

I'll volunteer my time to fix a flawed CIAC playoff system

Some years fly us to nirvana. Some years plunge us into the abyss.