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Another fan of Dr. I wants him to just stick to sports

Published: May 21, 2022 | Mike DiMauro

Random thoughts from the sports world

Bacon's 10 and 32: Doing as much for unity in death as in life

Published: May 19, 2022 | Mike DiMauro

Chapman, Graham continue to inspire at Bacon Academy

Another opportunity for change, real change, has been lost

Three months later. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to listen. Opportunities to edify. Instead, the more things change ...

More foibles at the University of Hartford: a swing at despotism

University of Hartford students had the right to be heard

Asjha Jones: All hail the CT Sun's 'marble pillar'

Asjha Jones rightfully immortalized as a CT Sun great

Sun guard Jasmine Thomas and her thoughts on Roe v Wade

Sun guard Jasmine Thomas expresses he feelings on Roe v Wade as WNBA players continue to speak out.

New London schools owe an innocent man (Paul Craig) an apology

NLHS grad Paul Craig treated shamefully by the school system.

The time has arrived to honor Bugbee, Deeb and Harvey

Three more sports figures deserve similar consideration to Roger Bidwell.

Happy retirement to 'C. Viv' and thanks for the memories

Stringer leaves Rutgers as a beloved antagonist of UConn

The pitch clock: Coming to an MLB game near you

Pace of play experimentation a harbinger for MLB 2023

Who's that with Jonquel Jones? It's Jake From State Farm

Sun center Jonquel Jones films her first commercial

Roger Bidwell Field is the perfect tribute to one of our all-time greats

The sign on the scoreboard at Washington Park reads "Roger Bidwell Field," dedicated at noon Sunday before a few hundred well-wishers.

Dr. I: The Yankees are just as bad as their fans

Random thoughts from the sports world

Lacrosse in New London: Don't bet against Gabby

First-year head coach Gabby Iaconiello plants the seeds for girls' lacrosse at New London High School.

Stefanowski justified in questioning CIAC transgender policy

Politics staged a coup d'état on Bob Stefanowski's wisdom, proving all over again that life is considerably messier taking a nuanced stance

Of Mike, Ann and the social event of the season

Ann Irr Dagle, Mike Buscetto honored for a worthy cause

Honoring dad: Georgie G lives through Liv

Olivia Gianakos honoring her late father playing lacrosse at CCSU

RIP John Risley, who was truly larger than life

Former NLHS and ECSU coach died last week at 84, leaving quite a legacy.

Women's basketball's new 'rock star' Carly Thibault-Dudonis

ELHS grad Thibault-Dudonis has her first head coaching gig

Dr. I: Nobody cares about the fastball's horizontal break

Random thoughts from the sports world

Potential decision looming in EL: Turf it or forget it

EL baseball seniors will never play on their true home field

Seven years for Gaskin is unacceptable

Corriche Gaskin case speaks to a system that has forgotten who it's supposed to be fighting for.

Aspiring sommelier Emanuel Diaz: love the wine you're with

Ex-Montville wrestler Emanuel Diaz samples wine for a living.

RIP John Ellis, the toughest guy in the room

John Ellis was even more than a ballplayer and cancer crusader.

Groton baseball: Never has a garage looked so beautiful

We've got to have something to discuss between pitches at the high school game, right?

So which of the 8 different channels are the Yankees on tonight?

As baseball begins this week, I remain completely disgusted with myself.

Buddhist softball: Waterford's present game is a true present

Big dreams, expectations for Waterford softball in 2022.

Go figure: Kids and police officers can be friends after all

Basketball game in Waterford builds bridges between police, WCS

Why is UConn being blamed for the NCAA's decision?

Nobody around here is going to like it when poor Paige and Azzi might have to beat South Carolina in South Carolina a year from now.

Dr. I: If NL really wants to give a voice to the voiceless ...

Random observations from the sports world

Halftime and Unified hoops: The CIAC's greatest undertaking

Unified basketball hits all the right notes at Mohegan Sun

Women's basketball progress begins with leaving Connecticut

Beginning next season, there will be two — not four — regional sites in the Sweet 16 with eight teams apiece.

Somebody has to step up and fix this 'school of choice' problem

Here is one voice in the wilderness begging for some harder bumping in the future.

Generations come together to celebrate the end of Windham's 81-year drought

This was for all of them. All the kids, coaches, alumni and townsfolk.

Will our state's H.S. coaches EVER get to work on offseason development?

There's still no plan in place to help state high school coaches work with their players in the offseason.

Halftime in Old Lyme: where the robot made free throws

Robot shows the wonders of engineering and ingenuity in Old Lyme.

Montville a beacon for Native American mascot debate

Town, tribe and school leaders do it right in Montville

Clark Lane Middle School: where special ed students are included

'Explorer Cafe' unites special education students with the public

UConn picks NOW to raise ticket prices?

Decision to raise ticket prices at UConn ill-timed.

Dr. I: No, we really don't hate Stonington at all

Random thoughts from the sports world

Thank you, Carter, for proving memories really do last forever

9-year-old's experience of a lifetime at Mohegan Sun

When baseball season begins by shoveling the frozen tundra

Mitchell records the final out Wednesday in 43-degree weather

Scoreboard aside, it was a night for both of these rivals to celebrate

There was something else at work in East Lyme vs. Waterford There was mere victory in the matchup itself, scoreboards be damned. There was victory in the dignity of two good-guy coaches who stay above the fray.

Is there anybody in charge of Dan Hurley at UConn?

There is unnecessary and unchecked volatility that's a bad look at UConn men's basketball games, regardless of what the scoreboard says

It's time to start teaching people how to shake hands

Eliminating handshake lines help the symptom, not the disease

Another Auriemma with a great story to tell

Alysa Auriemma writes "All Daughters Rise," her first novel

Fix the XL Center or move UConn to Gampel permanently

How many reasons does UConn have left to stay in a crumbling building?

Divisiveness not the answer in Ledyard or Colchester

Leaders in both towns need to bring people together.

What's that girl doing on the wrestling mat? Winning

Ledyard junior Linda Holeman breaking barriers and winning matches.

New London's security solution is no solution at all

New guidelines at New London won't keep the gym more secure.

Isn't it about time white people stopped using the n-word?

We are all candidates for more education on the subject of the n-word

Sawyer, Using using basketball for the education of a lifetime

New London's Collin Sawyer, Old Lyme's Aedan Using making the grade at Brandeis.

What's it going to take for New London school officials to wake up?

Second incident in three days leads to safety concerns at New London High School

As gyms fill, the need to temper student behavior increases

What occurred Tuesday night at Conway Gym should be viewed as a cautionary tale, given the increasing volatility among all student populations across the region.

Happy retirement to the 'Jim Calhoun of Unified Sports'

Colleen Lineburgh's dedication to Waterford unmatched over her 29 years

Max Lee: Hoops at ECSU sure beats working for a living

Former St. Bernard guard thriving at ECSU

On the rebound: Montville's Hillman a monument to effort

Hillman sets a unique record at Montville

Tuesday, Jan. 25: A titillating, aggravating day in sports

Random thoughts from Tuesday's controversial sports day

Waterford Babe Ruth, staying proactive, has new indoor gathering place

Waterford Babe Ruth baseball has never been about glitz. Nuts, bolts, meat, potatoes and championships.

Time for UConn athletics to accept responsibility for its financial mess

There are financial mismanagement issues in the UConn athletic department for which there must be culpability.

Da'Shaun and Savahn: the two New London freshmen who stayed

Two NL freshmen changing the narrative in a proud program

Why aren't college coaches recruiting T-More's Kyle Carlesimo?

St. Thomas More sharpshooter looking for college offers.

St. Thomas More, Putnam Science: the best of enemies

Prep school programs compete at the highest level in the CT woods

NFA's Gomez: Misery isn't so bad after all

NFA girls went from No. 1 to 0-6, but persevere nonetheless

Need for a kid-centric NL Community Center is greater than ever

Community center generates questions, but its purpose is clear

Dr. I: Why do vaccinated H.S. athletes have to wait 17 days to play again?

Random thoughts from the sports world

Betting: An endeavor I've always considered fun, not fatalistic

Ah, the final gambling column of the season.

It's time to bring sportsmanship into the school curriculum

Meaningful discourse should come from a 92-4 basketball game.

Meet New London's newest pro athlete: Ahmond Gomez

Gomez uses patience, faith to play professional football

Betting lines suggest NFL has rarely been more imbalanced

Four teams are double-digit underdogs this week in the NFL. And one isn't the Giants, whose offensive impotence makes them a candidate for football Viagra.

I'm soooo confused ... so can the ECC help me out?

I'm asking our local sports officials for uniformity and consistency to begin 2022.

Keep playing our games and reward the vaccinated and boosted

Sports can act as a barometer again, allowing our games to play on through the vaccinated.

We're here to provide you practical advice during bowl season

Nothing jingles your bells better on Christmas morning than a gambling column, right? I know. I'm a heathen. But this runs every Saturday. Can't help it.

Either enforce mask mandates for H.S. athletes or end the charade

If it is the objective that high school athletes in Connecticut continue to wear masks during indoor athletic competition, then the standard must be enforced consistently.

Playing H.S. games at Mohegan Sun never gets old, and it never should

Who as a high school kid ever gets to play The Big Room? Who as a high school kid gets to play on the same floor that LeBron once did? Who as a high school kid gets to play in the same arena as Springsteen and U2?

High school wrestlers finally have their season back

Wrestlers needed every bit of their resolve to process the pandemic. Because no group of high school athletes suffered worse than they did.

There are already $4.2 million reasons to like casino sports betting

In its infancy, online casino gaming and sports betting generated $4.2 million for the state in November.

What must kids think when adults solve problems with a punch?

Television cameras captured a man punching a Board of Education member Tuesday night because of a school mascot

Is the ECC ready for the new era of free agency?

Movement among teams and towns calls into question the teeth of state transfer rules.

Women's college hoops will arrive nationally when you can bet on it

We've always had a warped view of women's basketball here in Connecticut. It's a pastime for us, but not so much for the rest of the country, the game's overall growth notwithstanding.

Unvaccinated athletes bear a responsibility to their teammates

Positive COVID tests may derail seasons for teams with unvaccinated players

Of a wounded knee, national title and politicizing sports

Sports has sure captured the fancy of Day readers.