2019 Best of Readers' Choice Awards

Best of Readers' Choice Awards 2019

Welcome to the 5th Annual Best of Readers' Choice Awards recognizing the best businesses & individuals in southeastern Connecticut and southern Rhode Island!

Contest presented by The Day and Atlantic Broadband

Nominations will be open January 1 (at 12:00 am) - February 4 (at 11:59 pm)

Voting will be open February 12 (at 12:00 am) - March 12 (at 11:59 pm)

This year, we have over 250 categories that you can nominate your favorites people, places and businesses in.

The top five nominated people, places, and businesses in each category will advance to the voting round; from there, the top three and winner for each category will be determined.

Winners will be announced in the Best of Magazine – publishing Sunday, April 21st in The Day

To make a nomination:

  1. Click on the overall group and then select which category you would like from the drop down
  2. If the person, place or business you wish to nominate already appears in the list, simply press “nominate” next to that entry and your nomination will be counted toward their overall tally
  3. If you are making your first nomination, you will be asked to complete a simple registration form before your nomination is counted.
  4. If you wish to nominate a new person, place or business, type in your nomination and hit submit
  5. If you’re making your first nomination, you will be asked to complete a simple registration form, once you have completed the form and hit submit, you will automatically be brought to the next category within the group.
  6. All new nominations will appear once they have been approved as a valid candidate for the category. When submitting your nomination, if possible, please include the town where the business/individual is located.

NOTE: Nominations made using fake email addresses will be disqualified, ballot stuffing is not permitted. If you have questions, comments, or would like to suggest a category to be added for future contests, contact marketing@theday.com