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NOTE: Election results will be posted here as they come in after the polls close on Nov. 6.

Election results will be gathered from the Associated Press for statewide races and the Second Congressional District and from local party headquarters for state House and Senate Districts. All results are preliminary and unofficial until certified by the Connecticut Secretary of the State. Results will automatically update every few minutes.

All vote tallies are unofficial Winner


18th Senate District
19th Senate District
20th Senate District
33rd Senate District


23rd House District
37th House District
38th House District
39th House District
40th House District
41st House District
42nd House District
43rd House District
46th House District
47th House District
139th House District


CT Governor

U.S. Congress

U.S. Senate
2nd Congressional District


Groton Charter Revision

"Shall the Town of Groton Charter be amended and revised, all as set forth in the November 2017 final report of the 2016 Town of Groton Charter Revision Commission, and as on file with the Town Clerk?"

Town of Groton Charter Revision

Ledyard Charter Revision

"Shall the Town of Ledyard charter be revised as presented in the final report dated June 7, 2018?"

Town of Ledyard Charter Revision

Montville Road Improvements Bonds

"Shall the Town of Montville appropriate $10 million for road improvements and pavement projects and authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds and notes in the same amount to finance said appropriation?"

Town of Montville Road Bonds

Election News

Day readers on which gubernatorial candidate will better address cost of living

Most respondents favored incumbent Gov. Ned Lamont, though challenger Bob Stefanowski also garnered support for his position on taxes.

Connecticut elected officials and candidates react to overturning of Roe v. Wade

Leaders reacted with outrage to the Supreme Court overturning the landmark decision, leaving the authority to regulate abortion up to the states.

Tell The Day which candidate for governor is better equipped to handle rising costs

With ongoing inflation and skyrocketing prices, we are asking readers whether they think incumbent Gov. Ned Lamont or his opponent Bob Stefanowski is better equipped to handle the rising cost of...

Republican enters state representative race in New London

Karen Paul, chairwomen of New London’s Senior Affairs Commission, has filed paperwork with the state indicating a challenge to incumbent State Rep. Anthony Nolan, D-New London, for the 39th...

Boris announces candidacy approved by Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission

Robert Boris announced that the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission approved his candidacy for the 41st House seat.

Bob Stefanowski and Ned Lamont compete to show empathy on inflation

With Gov. Ned Lamont airing a new television commercial outlining what he’s done to cut costs for consumers, Republican Bob Stefanowski countered Wednesday with a call to use the state budget...

Moderate Connecticut Republicans should head for the lifeboats

The party's move toward polarized extremes of election denial, abortion prohibition and gun mania should lead moderates to abandon ship.

Nolan accepts nomination for New London's 39th District

State Rep. Anthony Nolan, D-New London, recently accepted the Democratic nomination for another term serving the 39th District. A nominating convention was held remotely on May 24.

Waterford referendum fails to overturn RTM decision on Eversource contract

Voters did not meet the 20% turnout threshold required by the town charter to overturn a Representative Town Meeting decision on a natural gas contract.

Incumbent Rep. Devin Carney endorsed for 23rd House District

District Republicans nominated Carney at a convention on May 17.

Quinnipiac poll: Lamont leads, but voters pessimistic on economy

Blumenthal’s 45% job approval rating is his lowest since taking office.

Southeastern Connecticut's congressional delegation reacts to Texas school shooting

The tragic event led to calls for increased gun control among Democrats and bipartisanship among Republicans.

Waterford Republican Kathleen McCarty running for fifth term as state representative

Her legislative career has focused on health care and education.

Norwich Dems endorse Alderman Derell Wilson as 46th House District candidate

Second term Democratic Alderman Derell Wilson was endorsed unanimously Thursday as Democratic candidate to run in the 46th state House District.