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Named for an Aztec legend, Niantic's La Llorona delivers fine progressive Mexican food

From an eerie but compelling bit of Aztec folklore, Niantic's La Llorona explores the possibilities of progressive Mexican food

Kitchen Little follows its mantra: "No Bad Days"

Kitchen Little has been piling up accolades for its scrumptious breakfasts for more than 35 years.

Our food writers offer capsules of recent reviews

Amigos Taqueria y Tequila, Sneekers Cafe, Kokomo's Restaurant

Go back to the beach by way of Kokomo's

It’s all friendly service, comfortable seating, and waterfront views every which way you turn.

Westerly's Amigos is an excellent culinary destination

Here in our part of the world, the closest Mexican cities are Reynosa and Matamoros, which are just south of McAllen and Brownsville, Texas, respectively. If, then, you wish to properly observe El Dia de los Muertos — The Day of the Dead, formally celebrated each Nov.

Eating at Sneekers is a tasty pleasure

Everything we ordered was delicious, arrived piping hot, flavorful, and in a hefty portion.

A handy round-up of recent reviews by our Day food writers

Here are some highlights from recent Night & Day restaurant reviews. The Fisherman at Long Point 937 Groton Long Point Road, Groton (860) 536-1111, thefishermanrestaurant Now that the days are long...

Old Lyme eatery is a haven for the Hangry

I'll confess, I was nervous as I tiptoed into the Hangry Goose in Old Lyme for what was my second indoor-eating expedition since last March. With the COVID-19 rules (appropriately) still in flux, I wondered: are masks still required? Should I tell everyone I'm happily vaccinated? Does one mask...

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When unbridled optimism loses its luster

July is when all that unbridled optimism of the spring, all that garden planning and vacation planning, those books to read and projects to start, seem to wither under a hot sun.

Many birds go for two broods per season

The air was as heavy as it was thick. Magnificent dark clouds rose high from the west, but there was not a drop of rain or the slightest breeze. The calm was surreal and made me uneasy. An eerie orange glow hung over my land where the birds...