Enjoy old-country fare with a contemporary twist at il Pomod’Oro

With its emphasis on top-shelf ingredients, freshness and authenticity, the culinary team at il Pomod’Oro raises the bar on dishes we’ve all frequently encountered elsewhere.

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Kitchen Little 36 Quarry Road, Mason's Island, Mystic This small, hip spot on the second floor above the Mason's Island Marina Store has a breezy, casual vibe and a creative, neo-gourmet approach to breakfast. Though there's also a lunch menu — and we'll get there...

Kitchen Little expands the breakfast repertoire

Kitchen Little, a small eatery on Mason's Island in Mystic with beautiful views, combines quick and friendly service with a clever and neo-gourmet menu.

There's much to admire about the Ancient Mariner

When I was younger, my siblings and I used to taunt our parents for repeating a rather generic superlative every time they had a meal they liked at a restaurant they liked.

Veg out at Shayna B’s By the Sea

I confess I had mixed feelings about my latest food mission to Shayna B’s By the Sea, a vegan café in Old Saybrook. I enjoy vegetarian fare, but I tend to eschew foods of the wheat-free, vegan variety, not because I object to the associated ethos, but because sometimes there...

The Day's dining writers look back on recent meals

Bream Cove Tavern 345 Bank St., New London (860) 574-9235, In the fashion of someone standing sedately on the deck of a ferry during a breezy day, watching the ebb and flow of commerce on New London's Bank...

The very fine Bream Cove Tavern surfaces in familiar NL landmark

Located in an iconic Bank Street building, the new Bream Cove Tavern serves up plenty of excellent comfort food with some pleasing menu twists

Dropping into Drwb@24 in Mystic

I'll start with the food, which was quite good. Drwb@24 is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so the menu is appropriately diverse.

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Rick's List — The Brits and Their Fairytales Edition

Well, the Royal Wedding is over. But while I was in England covering the event — with, I might add, nuanced analysis, concise historical context, a minimum of sycophancy and just the precise smidgen of saucy wit — I took...

We are the worst killers on the planet

Humans typically regard lions, tigers, bears, sharks and other powerful, sharp-toothed predators as the most brutally efficient carnivores atop the food chain, but for the best view of the creature most responsible for widespread slaughter, we need...