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Class of 2020: Stonington High School

'We have emerged stronger from every challenge'

Cole Wilbur, Stonington Class of 2020

Good evening. I would like to welcome Dr. Riley, Mrs. Butler, Mr. Friese, Mr. Curland, Ms. Crowley, Board of Education Members, First Selectman Chesebrough, Stonington Public Schools’ administrators, teachers, staff, parents, relatives,...

An extraordinary Class of 2020 at SHS

Kaira Wiltshire, Stonington High Class of 2020

Greetings all. I would first like to extend my welcome and gratitude to Dr. Van Riley, Mrs. Butler, Stonington Public Schools Board of Education members, First Selectman Chesebrough, Mr. Friese, Mr. Curland, Mrs. Crowley, administrators,...

A senior year like no other senior year

Teacher Sandra LaCombe, Stonington High's 2020 Commencement speaker.

As the spring season approached, prom promises were put on hold, awards ceremonies canceled, sports seasons erased, and you, our beloved senior class, were robbed of that precious time together as you close this chapter of your lives.

A 'Zoom prom' didn't really cut it, but seniors persevered

Ben Fyke, Stonington High Class of 2020.

On March 13th, 2020, I walked the halls of Stonington High School for the last time as a student. When our principal activated the intercom at 1:50 p.m. on that day, the student body awaited the news of which most knew unofficially. The school...


Stonington High graduates

Breen, Emmett; Stonington High
Cannon, Jacob and Fidrych, Tyler; Stonington High
Hammond, Rhys and Powers, Alex; Stonington High
Hanka, Alana; Stonington High
Sanok, Ian and Scott, Zachary; Stonington High
Stajduhar, Jack; Stonington High