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World War I: The Cost of Freedom

Battery F of the 56th Coast Artillery Regiment

Soldiers from Battery F of the 56th Coast Artillery Regiment pose for a group photo upon their return from France in early 1919. Many of them were Connecticut National Guardsmen from the New London area who had been called to active duty. Zoom in to see detail of each soldier in the photo.

Photo courtesy of John Ruddy

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World War I: The Cost of Freedom

Soldiers from New London experienced horrors, heroics in World War I

Soldiers from New London experienced horrors, heroics in World War I

Capt. Charles T. Senay steadied his Springfield rifle, aimed at the machine-gun-wielding German moving toward him, and fired. The bullet sailed high into the air. He aimed lower, fired a second time, and missed again. “The third time I aimed at his feet and took the top of his head off with his helmet,” Senay later wrote. The 26-year-old was one of hundreds of young men from New London who fought in World War I, which began 100 years ago this month.

Critics pile on after Trump cancels visit to U.S. military cemetery outside Paris

President Donald Trump flew 3,800 miles to this French capital city for ceremonies to honor the military sacrifice in World War I, hoping to take part in the kind of powerful ode to the bravery of the armed forces that he was unable to hold in Washington.

Local author tells 'Artful Dodger' story from WWI

Dirk Langeveld tells the story of millionaire Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, the most infamous draft dodger of the Great War and one of America's first airplane pilots.

World War I photos, documents to be scanned Saturday at Otis Library in Norwich

Otis Library will host the Connecticut State Library’s final “WWI Digitization Day” from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the library Community Room.

100 years ago, war declaration started The American Century

Thursday marks 100 years since the United States declared war on Germany, a decisive turning point in World War I.

Groton Public Library to serve as collection site for World War I project

Staff at the Connecticut State Library hope people from Groton and nearby towns will come forward on Feb. 2 if they’ve saved items from a relative or friend who served in World War I.