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Interstate 95: Its problems and challenges


Interstate 95 is a fact of life on the East Coast. Drivers passing through the Northeast can barely avoid the state's 112-mile portion of I-95. Connecticut's section of the interstate is one of the most congested of any I-95 state and has one of the highest densities of exits. Using state and federal data pertaining to highway usage, accidents and safety, The Day has examined I-95's problems and challenges.



Miss your exit?

The lack of bright, crisp, readable signs seems to urge visitors to keep moving along, instead of inviting them to exit and stay awhile.

Fixing I-95 at a crawl?

Eighteen-month DOT will study ways to improve Interstate 95, including dangerous stretches in eastern Connecticut.

I-95 problems: Be part of the solution

Since driver behavior is one factor that can be controlled on the overcrowded highway, why not start with that?

Funding transportation needs a tough sell

Connecticut has to repair its transportation system. Constitutional amendment needed to assure revenues not redirected.

Not just the drivers

Unless drivers reserve their poor driving for that stretch of highway, the highway itself is a contributing factor.