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Declining School Enrollment

School districts adjusting to steep decline in students

School districts adjusting to steep decline in students

School districts across the region are looking for new solutions, as Connecticut's student enrollment declines. By 2025, the student population in Connecticut is projected to decline by nearly 10 percent to 631,241 students.

GALLERIES: Declining School Enrollment

Groton addressing drop in students

The number of school-age children in Groton declined 20.5 percent during the last 15 years, but the population is expected to level off in the future, census data shows.

Montville school district studying how to handle declining enrollment

Montville officials are trying to make the best of a sharp decline in student enrollment over the past decade.

Preston forecasts for stable enrollment

A bar graph illustrating enrollment at Preston's elementary and middle schools over the past 45 years resembles the first deep dive in a roller coaster ride followed by a gentle incline, another drop and a hint at a new rise to come.

Ledyard says advertising important to counter declining enrollment

Ledyard administrators have planned for declining enrollment in town for years.

Salem School to face challenges with projected steep enrollment decline

The school-age population in Salem is projected to decline by nearly 30 percent in the next 10 years, but school and district administrators say the solution is more complicated than reducing the budget to match enrollment.

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