CT Tolls

Everything you need to know about tolls — and a plan against them — in Connecticut

Everything you need to know about tolls — and a plan against them — in Connecticut

Tolls are on the table in Connecticut this year, but are by no means a done deal. In this special report — featuring a toll calculator and your responses to our CuriousCT poll — we dig into four proposals and how each could impact your bottom line.


On tolls plan, local officials torn between tax burden and infrastructure needs

Though stressing the need for transportation infrastructure improvements, several raised concerns over the governor's latest tolling proposal, including the potential clogging of local roads.

State Senate Republicans unveil no-tolls transportation plan

The 10-year, nearly $18 billion FASTR CT initiative from the minority party in the state Senate comes a day after Lamont pitched his 10-year, $21.3 billion CT2030 plan to Senate Democrats.

Here are the bridges to be rebuilt by tolls, and the cost to cross them

The exact placement of the tolling gantries is unclear — though one of them is effectively in New York, thanks to an oddity of the interstate highway system.

Lamont officially unveils his retooled transportation plan

It's a new approach Lamont hopes will finally lead to a compromise with Democrats and Republicans in the Democratic-controlled General Assembly on transportation.

Lamont hopes to get 'final feedback' on transportation plan

Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont says he's meeting privately with legislative leaders all week to discuss his preliminary transportation plan.



Bad news if Lamont gets rolled on tolls

Republicans are showing no interest in meeting the governor halfway. And if he was expecting backing from his fellow Democrats in control of the Senate -- forget about it.

Lamont does need a better toll campaign

Lamont needs to win over 76 of 91 House Democrats and at least 18 of 22 Senate Democrats because Republicans are united in opposition.

A pause on tolls, marijuana, more gaming

Major issues that the General Assembly did not act upon will soon be back.

Close deal on tolls, improve state ranking

Connecticut ranked 46th in both infrastructure and fiscal stability and 30th for its economy. These poor performers are related.