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CT Tolls

Everything you need to know about tolls — and a plan against them — in Connecticut

Everything you need to know about tolls — and a plan against them — in Connecticut

Tolls are on the table in Connecticut this year, but are by no means a done deal. In this special report — featuring a toll calculator and your responses to our CuriousCT poll — we dig into four proposals and how each could impact your bottom line.


With tolls passed by, is gas tax hike up next?

An analysis of states’ fuel tax burdens by the American Petroleum Institute showed Connecticut’s levies, which contribute about 36 cents per gallon to the price, rank slightly below the national average and 15th nationwide.

Analysts: Lamont, lawmakers face $4.3 billion gap in next two-year Connecticut budget

State officials are facing almost $4.3 billion in red ink in the next two-year budget, due largely to the coronavirus-induced recession, according to a new report Friday from nonpartisan analysts.

Gov. Ned Lamont shares hopes for Biden presidency

An early backer of Joe Biden's bid for president, the Connecticut governor says with the former vice president in the White House, "we'll be speaking with one voice" in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

ANALYSIS: How was Howard able to defeat Rotella in 43rd state House race?

The political newcomer was able to defeat the freshman state legislator in the only area race in which an incumbent lost.

Gauthier challenges Conley for 40th District state rep seat

Rep. Christine Conley, D-Groton, an attorney, is seeking her third term and facing a challenge from Republican candidate Lauren Gauthier, a special projects manager at an oyster farm.



Truck toll plan better than no plan

It is disappointing that the Democratic majority did not show the political courage to back the governor on his broader toll plan.

Bad news if Lamont gets rolled on tolls

Republicans are showing no interest in meeting the governor halfway. And if he was expecting backing from his fellow Democrats in control of the Senate -- forget about it.

Lamont does need a better toll campaign

Lamont needs to win over 76 of 91 House Democrats and at least 18 of 22 Senate Democrats because Republicans are united in opposition.

A pause on tolls, marijuana, more gaming

Major issues that the General Assembly did not act upon will soon be back.

Close deal on tolls, improve state ranking

Connecticut ranked 46th in both infrastructure and fiscal stability and 30th for its economy. These poor performers are related.