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Older Workers

Growing share of New London County workers over 65 remain in workforce

The Day's annual holiday series is about seniors in the workforce.

GALLERIES: Older Workers

Millions of baby boomers have left the workplace since 2020. Are they coming back?

Despite the millions of older workers who have fled the labor force in the past two years, few have signaled a permanent exit.

For Steve and Judy Mann, Pot of Green Florist is 46 years and the rest of their lives

The septuagenarians have operated at multiple locations and seen many changes in their shop over the decades.

For this couple, farming is a lifetime affair

For Suzanne and Stan Sankow, running their nearly 200-acre Beaver Brook Farm well into their retirement years provides a quality of life hard to find anywhere else.

Chef, groundskeeper enjoying her next act at the Groton Senior Center

Lynnsie Manza, 64, is enjoying working at the Groton Senior Center, after a career as a chef at local restaurants and groundskeeper at Connecticut College.

Chemistry professor comfortable in profession, enjoys challenging students

Former Pfizer chemist now teaches chemistry at the University of New Haven and continues doing chemistry research.