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Census advocates stress importance of 2020 count

State and local officials stress the importance of the 2020 Census to Norwich and southeastern Connecticut.

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Census 2020: Making Connecticut Count

The decennial census is used to determine funding for highway construction, Pell grants, Head Start, Title 1 grants to local schools, SNAP benefits, Section 8 housing and much more.

Access to federal dollars is already a concern for Connecticut, which the Rockefeller Institute of Government says receives back only 74 cents for every dollar residents pay in federal taxes – the worst in the country. State officials say Connecticut will lose an estimated $2,900 for each person undercounted in the 2020 Census.

From March 12-20, households will begin receiving information on how to respond to the census by phone or by mail, or for the first time, online. From May to July, census workers will begin visiting homes that haven't responded.

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Highway, Head Start, Section 8 funding in Connecticut tied to census

In fiscal year 2016, the state received $10.7 billion through 55 federal programs.

Workers, volunteers needed for upcoming census

There are countless ways to make sure your community gets correctly counted in this year's census. In addition to filling out your own census response and encouraging friends and family to do their civic duty, the census is looking for both volunteers and paid employees to help collect the count.

Report: Census Bureau at risk of not being ready for count

While the Census Bureau has succeeded so far in early tasks of verifying addresses across the U.S. and launching an advertising campaign, the agency's readiness for upcoming operations is mixed, according to the report from the Government Accountability Office.

Connecticut launches new website with Census information

A new website has been launched to provide Connecticut residents with reliable information about the 2020 U.S. Census.

Officials emphasize importance of complete census count in Groton

Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz, local officials, and representatives involved in census efforts emphasized at a news conference Thursday that the census is safe, easy, and important — and coming up quickly.

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Census: Counting all

All should be counted. Cities provide the same level of services — police, fire, schooling, emergency medical aid — to undocumented immigrants as they do to U.S. citizens.

The Supreme Court's chance to save the Census

The citizenship question was added after research showed it would help Republicans to gerrymander congressional districts to better effect.

Accept census ruling

The Constitution clearly calls for apportioning House members based on “the whole number of persons in each State,” not the number of citizens.

Voting districts should be left to neutral party

Political parties should be barred from creating voting districts.Every elected person should be barred from participation in the process of creating voting districts.Creating voting districts should be the task of a neutral body, such as the U.S. Ce...

Challenge and opportunity as local cities grow

After years of flight from the cities, it is great to see the region's urban centers growing. Census figures show that over the last decade Norwich grew by 12.1 percent to 40,493 residents. The New London population grew 7.6 percent, to 27,620. With ...