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Staycation Connecticut


Connecticut, we hardly knew ye — till now

Connecticut, we hardly knew ye — till now

State tourism office, promoting 'staycations,' begins airing TV commercials, including one focusing on eastern Connecticut.

GALLERIES: Staycations

Local golf courses have flourished during coronavirus pandemic

There's basically been nonstop traffic since late March, when the coronavirus pandemic shutdown began, but most area golf courses remained open.

Summer rolls on, safely, at Mini-Golf at Saybrook Point

Mini-Golf at Saybrook Point offers safe fun through Columbus Day.

Tunes with a view: Goodspeed presents outdoor concerts

The Playbillies ended their set with songs from two celebrated musicals that got their start at the iconic opera house, noting that in this strange and difficult time, they offer messages of hope and perseverance.

This summer, renting kayaks and paddle boards is floating people's boats

It’s great to “get outside, enjoy the fresh air, do something as a family. It brings everybody closer to nature — the best place to be, really.”

What's the COVID-19 risk of different summer activities in Connecticut?

Three medical and public health professionals in Connecticut rated activities, which we aggregated with other ratings from around the web.