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Dr. I: a closet Pats fan this season?

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for a vaccine, bars to reopen and for high school football to become a spring sport:

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, may become a closet Pats fan this season.

No, really.

That way if they go 14-2 with Cam Newton, Dr. I can call Brady an overrated, "system" quarterback. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

• Speaking of: If the Pats win the Super Bowl, do all these people (and pets) around here named "Brady" change their names to "Cam?"

• Not that Dr. I is a rabble rouser or anything, but Class M football coaches in the state should secede from the playoffs until St. Joseph moves to a more appropriate class.

If you missed it: St. Joe's, the three-time defending state champion and last season's No. 1-ranked Class L champ, has moved down to Class M for the upcoming season — a byproduct of the CIAC's obtuse, one-size-fits-all divisional breakdown.

Hence, coaches should make it clear: If St. Joe's stays, we will not participate in the 2020 playoffs.

• Dr. I's readers have been on fire lately.

Dickie Bruno writes in with the following, given our screwed up political landscape: "So Mike, what would be more offensive to general public: Washington Redskins or Washington Senators?" (Heh heh heh).

Then there's George Konefal, who wrote in about the new speed-up-the-game changes in baseball: "I think they need to speed up the time it takes to get a beer."

George makes a good point here. Why can't we get one of the sabermetrics nerds to figure why it takes 27 minutes (and 27 dollars) for a hot dog and a beer?

• Happy retirement to the great Bill Stanley.

Bill is the face of his place: Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. He'll be missed.

• Why does every baseball documentary have to feature George Will?

• Dr. I has received several e-mails from disgusted readers about Atlantic Broadband's decision to get rid of SNY. (No more Mets or UConn).

"I called Atlantic Broadband to find out why SNY was deleted, but their automated answering system did not allow me to talk to a human being," reader Lewis Baker wrote. "I then sent Atlantic Broadband an email, discussing the SNY issue, and as expected, received no reply."

Dr. I's advice: You Tube TV. Best thing Dr. I ever did. Fifty dollars per month, nice menu of sports channels (although they just got rid of YES, sadly). Otherwise, it's reasonable and reliable. If enough people leave, maybe Atlantic Broadband gets the message. Hit them in the wallet, folks.

• Note to Dr. I's soccer peeps: Does this VAR thing (instant replay system) take waaaaaay to long, or is Dr. I just impatient?

• Not that this is the most sanitary thing ever, but this is another impassioned plea from Dr. I to get beer pong into the Olympics.

• Dr. I looks fabulous wearing his New York Football Giants mask. Just sayin.

• Golf on TV has never been better. No nitwits on the course yelling "GET IN THE HOLE!"

• One day late here, but happy birthday to John Sterling, the voice of the Yanks. Can't wait for the first "THEEEEEEE Yankees win!" of the season.

• Dr. I got as sneak peek at renovations to the bar and restaurant at Mr. G's last week.

You're gonna like it.

• Are you ready for a bigger, stronger Danny Dimes this season?

• Dr. I is going to lose his sunny disposition if Aaron Judge begins this season hurt again. Sorry. Get on the field.

• What if there were no hypothetical questions?

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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