Report: Many Connecticut home-schooled kids in families accused of abuse

HARTFORD — Connecticut's child advocate says many children being home-schooled in the state are in families that have been accused of child abuse or neglect, and there are no state regulations to protect them.

Child Advocate Sarah Eagan released a report Thursday as part of an investigation into last year's death of Matthew Tirado.

The 17-year-old disabled Hartford boy suffered prolonged abuse and neglect, hadn't been in school for a year and his younger sister was allegedly being home-schooled.

Eagan's office examined six school districts where 380 students were withdrawn to be home-schooled from 2013 to 2016. She says 36 percent of them were in families accused of abuse or neglect.

Connecticut and 10 other states have no home schooling regulations. Eagan recommends creating some regulations while protecting parents' right to home-school.


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