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Shooting at birthday party leaves 1 dead, 4 injured

DORCHESTER, Mass. (AP) — A gunman's rampage during an outdoor birthday party in Boston left one man dead and four others injured.

Rolando Verdejo, 43, was enjoying a gathering Wednesday night in the city's Dorchester neighborhood when he and four other celebrants were shot, the victim's family and City Councilor Andrea Campbell confirmed.

“I am devastated by this,’’ Campbell said in a telephone interview to The Boston Globe. “To have this happen was really difficult to hear.”

The four other men suffered from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds, officials said.

The shooting took place at the Franklin Field housing development, which is owned by the Boston Housing Authority.

Campbell noted that the coronavirus pandemic has lead to economic and social isolation for residents of the city's public housing.

“These were just folks looking to celebrate, in a safe way, the birthday of someone, trying to find some joy,” she said. “We have to work on these underlying issues.”

Kate Bennett, Boston Housing Authority administrator, called the attack senseless and offered “heartfelt condolences to those affected by this tragedy.”

Verdejo's family is now trying to arrange a funeral and cremation for him, so his ashes can be taken to a municipality in Puerto Rico, where the victim and his family are from.

Wednesday's fatal shooting comes just one week after four people were slain in the city in the span of six days.

The Suffolk District Attorney's Office and the Boston police plan to investigate the shooting.

“We are going to be working around the clock to make sure we are proactively looking for individuals, the small percentage of people causing harm in our communities,‘’ Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins told reporters.



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