Obama awards sloth, burdens those working

President Kennedy said to not ask what the country could do for us but what we could do for the country and we loved him for it.

Under the "beloved" President Clinton welfare was greatly changed in a positive way.

We the people were fed up with people who do not work, who just keep having babies to get a welfare raise at our expense.

Now this president has doubled down on welfare and half the country is receiving some sort of entitlement. It's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention this president won't stop until he has totally destroyed our country.

The enemic economic growth we've witnessed is in spite of him not because of him. Now he parades around the country still blaming, and of course Republicans are the target of his lies. Republicans tried desperately to reach a compromise so the country would not go over the fiscal cliff, but every time they make an offer this president raises the bar.

I say let the country go over the cliff, either way experts say we'll go into a recession.

Under the circumstances if we want to continue with a two-party system it's the only answer.

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