Keeping pets safe and calm during a home renovation

A renovation can create more hazards and stress for your pets. A few preparations can help them through the process.

Maintaining or replacing the bathroom fan

Hidden away behind a panel on the ceiling, you won't see the dust and grime that builds up on the fan blades and other parts of the assembly. If this is not cleaned off, the fan will become noisier, less effective, and more likely to burn out.

Starting plants indoors to ready them for spring

Starting your plants indoors will increase the chances that you'll be able to enjoy a harvest of fruits and vegetables or a beautiful bloom of flowers. This is particularly helpful for varieties with long growing seasons, since the early planting...

Repairing damage to granite countertops

Granite countertops have become an especially popular choice in homes due to their durability and beautiful appearance. But when this surface is damaged, homeowners may wonder if an expensive repair will be necessary.

NAHB: Price woes lengthen home search for many buyers

A large share of buyers has been hunting for the right home for three months or longer, according to recent polling by the National Association of Home Builders.

Rates again prove to be of minor concern in homebuyer survey

Only a small share of potential homebuyers said rising rates would make them consider abandoning their home search, according to a recent survey by the real estate company Redfin. However, nearly seven out of 10 respondents said higher rates would...

REALTORS® help smooth the relocation process

A Realtor will get involved in helping a transferee find the right neighborhood, schools, public services, and sometimes even job leads for the trailing spouse.

Property Transactions February 23, 2018

Property Transactions February 23, 2018

What to do if a seller didn't disclose a problem

Buyers who believe a seller has failed to disclose a problem have a few options for redress. These range from backing out of a deal if the issue is discovered early enough to filing a lawsuit.

Living next to a cemetery has its pros and cons

Even if they aren't worried about malevolent spirits, buyers may still be scared away from a property located adjacent to a cemetery. At the same time, many people have discovered that these residences have a number of benefits.

Replacing carpet with hardwood

It's become an increasingly popular trend in home design. Homeowners are deciding that they've had enough of carpet and would like to replace it with hardwood flooring.

Home seller profits hit high point at end of 2017

Homeowners who sold their property in the last quarter of 2017 realized the highest average profit in more than a decade, according to the real estate analytics company ATTOM Data Solutions.

Storage solutions keep children's toy clutter under control

Keeping toy clutter under control can be a daunting task, but it's not insurmountable. Some improved storage strategies can help you maintain order, along with setting some firm rules regarding your child's belongings.

Two-step mortgages turn on a single point in time

A two-step mortgage acts as something of a compromise between a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate mortgage. Essentially, this type of loan guarantees one rate for a certain amount of time as the first step, then adjusts the rate at a single...

Reseal your grout to prevent a scrubbing struggle

One way to keep your grout looking nice and minimize the effort required to clean it is the oft-overlooked process of resealing the grout. Doing so will help keep the grout from absorbing moisture and developing stains, giving it a nicer appearance...

Optimism for selling hits record high in Fannie Mae survey for January

Nearly two-thirds of the respondents in Fannie Mae's latest monthly survey said they consider it a good time to sell a home in January, a new record high for the poll. Respondents were also more likely to believe home prices will continue to grow...


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