Creating your home buying wish list

People who are shopping for a new home should outline what they must have in their residence and what they'd like to have. The necessities you choose can both help you select your preferred homes and remove other properties from consideration.

Creating home décor with 3-D printing

One way to give your rooms a unique new look is to create your own home décor. By using a 3-D printer, you can produce a variety of eye-catching designs in everything from sculptures to doorknobs.

Deciding how to promote a reduced price

Everyone loves a discount, especially when it comes to buying a home. Telling prospective buyers that you've reduced the price on your home might finally lead to a sale if the property has been languishing on the market for awhile. However,...

Property Transactions - February 2, 2016

Property Transactions - February 2, 2016

Maintaining a snow blower and running it safely

You'll want to make sure your snow blower is in good shape for any future blizzards, and to always keep a few safety rules in mind when using the machine.

Existing home sales post major increase in December

Sales of existing homes in the United States had a large increase in December, likely as a result of delayed transactions from previous months.

Pending home sales increase slightly in December

The Northeast region outpaced the rest of the United States in pending sales in December, according to the National Association of Realtors. The organization says the pace of pending sales was largely unchanged from November, but again posted an...

What type of home do you want?

Before deciding which house to buy, think about your lifestyle, your current and anticipated housing needs and your budget.

Hilltop coastal living at SeaView Estates

Sea breezes, a country atmosphere, views of Niantic Bay and Long Island Sound, and easy access to nearby attractions are among the benefits of a new subdivision in Waterford.

Considering wall sconces to light up your home

There are many decorative styles for sconces, so you can find one to meet any room's style.

Will your home renovations affect your property tax bill?

Renovating your home has the dual benefit of making it a more comfortable place for you to live and increasing the home's value when you decide to sell it. But boosting your property values also means your tax assessor might ask for a larger share...

Choosing the right generator for your home, and using it safely

To avoid the problems of a prolonged power loss, you can invest in a generator at your home. Portable generators allow you to keep some appliances running, while permanent standby generators will automatically kick in when your main source of...

Keeping a kitchen ventilation system clean

Cleaning the ventilation components every now and then will keep them working efficiently and prevent your range from becoming a greasy mess.

Making over your kitchen with open shelving

Open shelving has become a more popular concept in kitchen design in recent years. Rather than keeping items cooped up in a pantry or cabinet, open shelving allows a homeowner to keep them on display in an easily accessible location.

Life estates offer an alternative to probate, but carry risks as well

Life estates are a common way for a person to continue using a property and outline who will have an interest in it when they pass away. The process has some benefits, including the ability to sidestep probate or the preparation of a will, but it...

EIA says home heating expenditures are lower than expected

Following up on predictions it made last fall, the United States Energy Information Administration says the average homeowner should save more on heating costs than previously anticipated.

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