Homeowner value perceptions at most accurate point in two years

past two years, according to the retail mortgage lender Quicken Loans.

Consumers more cautious about housing and economy in latest Fannie Mae survey

While Americans maintained a more positive outlook toward the housing market and economy in December, they were also more cautious about the future, according to the latest monthly survey by Fannie Mae. Respondents showed more concern about their...

Property Transactions January 19, 2018

Property Transactions January 19, 2018

Fannie Mae: Lenders close out 2017 with reduced mortgage demand

Although a majority of respondents in Fannie Mae's year-end Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey were optimistic about the American economy and the likelihood that home values will continue rising, they were also likely to say they have seen a slowdown...

Drones get above it all for sweeping real estate photos

While drones can be helpful in showcasing a home, you'll also want to make sure you are using them properly. The devices have raised concerns about privacy, and there are certain rules a drone pilot needs to follow.

Property Transactions January 12, 2018

Property Transactions January 12, 2018

Winter can be an excellent time to sell your home

People think the homebuying is delegated to spring and summer because families don't want to relocate their kids during a school year, and so potential home sellers think they aren't likely going to find buyers during the other months. But local...

Self-cleaning toilets aim to automate an unpleasant task

Self-cleaning toilets are now readily available to include in private homes, although you might have to question whether their cost outweighs their convenience.

Property Transactions January 5, 2018

Property Transactions January 5, 2018


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