Distracting behavior more common at red lights than roundabouts

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that red lights are a prime location for distracting behaviors. Drivers were most likely to engage in secondary behaviors while stopped at an intersection, and they were least likely...

NAR: More than 1.5 million return buyers expected to regain eligibility by 2023

Many people who lost their homes in the housing downturn will be able to qualify for a new mortgage in the next eight years, according to an analysis by the National Association of Realtors. However, some buyers will continue to be impeded by poor...

Property Transactions - May 1, 2015

Property Transactions - May 1, 2015

Finding green building products for your renovations

Home construction or renovation can be an especially energy-consuming endeavor. Although you might not think the type of lumber you use for your flooring can play as big a role in conservation as your choices for your light bulbs or faucets, some...

Hiring a landscape architect

A landscape architect will be able to design a beautiful arrangement of natural features around your home and assist in a number of other outdoor features as well.

Analysis shows sales are rapid in California, slow on Long Island

Eight California markets were among the top 10 areas with the fastest sales in a recent Trulia analysis, while several New York markets were more sluggish.

Making use of your garden's microclimates

Although each region in the United States has a set of environmental conditions which makes some plants more suitable than others, you'll also encounter differences in wind, temperature, and more on a very small scale. Understanding these...

Chives work as both a decorative border and tasty ingredient

Some plants will do double duty in your garden, adding a visually pleasing element while also proving useful for harvesting. Chives are especially popular as a way of boosting a recipe's flavor and adding a border to your vegetable plots.

Improving the efficiency of your water heater

If you're trying to cut down on your hot water use, you've likely taken steps such as shortening your showers or changing to cold water washes for laundry. It's easy to forget about the water heater. Making a few improvements to this appliance can...

Deciding whether to repair or replace the refrigerator

Unless you're OK with eating at restaurants for every meal or storing your perishables in a cooler, you'll want to get a faulty refrigerator back to normal as soon as possible. A repair could be a good solution in many cases, but you'll also want to...

The pros and cons of having children share a bedroom

It is common for parents to try to provide a bedroom for each of their children so they have their own space within the home. Whether by choice or necessity, this arrangement isn't always an option.

On Wamphassuc Point, an exclusive contemporary home (sponsored)

Surround yourself with the magical panoramic vistas of Long Island Sound and the uninterrupted views spanning three states: Connecticut, Watch Hill and Fisher's Island. Located on the tip of exclusive Wamphassuc Point, a private peninsula in...

Study finds homes sell for more if energy costs are disclosed

Single family homes that disclose their energy costs on a real estate listing spend less time on the market and sell for a higher price than homes that do not include this information, according to an analysis by the Chicago, Illinois efficiency...

Choosing a REALTOR® (sponsored)

An agent is bound by certain legal obligations. Traditionally, these common-law obligations are to put the client's interests above anyone else's, keep the client's information confidential, obey the client's lawful instructions, report to the...

Will a 15-year mortgage work for you?

A 15-year mortgage will let you pay your home off quickly, but you'll have less financial flexibility in the short term.

Replacing a regular door with a pocket door

Pocket doors can be purchased in kits which include the track and other necessary materials. Mounting the door is a fairly simple process, but you'll also have to do a significant amount of work to open up the wall and make enough space to accept...

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