Recovering from a flooded basement

It will take a lot of effort to recover from a flooded basement, especially if you have finished the space. Once you have dried out the area, you'll want to take preventative steps to keep the problem from recurring.

A holiday home sale isn't an impossibility

Buyers are often keeping an eye out for appealing properties, and may be willing to make a purchase at the end of the year. The holiday atmosphere can also give your home a more welcoming feel during this time.

Brisk autumn activity continues in latest NAR existing home sales report

A healthy pace of existing home sales in the United States continued in October and reached its highest point in nearly a decade, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Preparing your home for winter when you are disabled

Homeowners often scramble to complete a number of tasks before freezing temperatures set in for the season. If you or someone in your household is disabled, you'll want to take a few more steps to stay safe during the winter.

Keeping your radiators and heating vents clean

Programming a thermostat, lowering the temperature, and other strategies will all keep your heating costs from getting out of control. Another easy way to improve the heating system's efficiency is to clean off your radiators or heating vents.

Weatherproof your home for winter

It's time to prepare your home against winter's harsh weather. Take a tip from the Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS® - a few simple, precautionary steps can save money and add to the value of your home.

Property Transactions - December 2, 2016

Property Transactions - December 2, 2016

Property Transactions - November 25, 2016

Property Transactions - November 25, 2016

More Americans sticking with their current home, Census Bureau finds

Only 11.2 percent of the 314.99 million people in the nation, or about 35.14 million people, moved to a new residence between 2015 and 2016. This share marked an all-time low for moves.

The home inspector missed a problem. Now what?

But home inspections are not infallible, and they may not catch every problem in a property. Homeowners will have some remedies available when a problem goes unnoticed by an inspector.

Figuring out if your home has lead paint

Lead paint was banned nearly 40 years ago, but is still frequently found in older homes.

Deciding whether that fixer-upper is a good buy

Many homes for sale need some work to look their best, but some need a full-fledged overhaul. If you're willing to take on this challenge, you may be able to convert a decrepit old property into a beautiful residence, reaping the rewards of its...

Equity rich households on the rise in Q3 2016

Close to a quarter of all homeowners in the United States were considered "equity rich" due to low loan-to-value ratios, according to an analysis of home values in the third quarter of 2016.

How will a late or skipped payment affect your mortgage?

If your budget is strained enough that you are having trouble paying your mortgage, there are several options for relief available.

Freddie Mac: Tenants more concerned with utility costs than rising rents

In its latest survey on renter satisfaction and goals, Freddie Mac found that tenants were more likely to be concerned about higher utility costs than rent increases. However, tenants in the Northeast were less likely to expect that a more efficient...

Cleaning mineral deposits off fixtures

Hard water will leave mineral deposits behind when it evaporates, creating an ugly scale on your fixtures. Several cleaning methods can be effective at combating this issue.

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