GOP fields them young

A 22-year-old candidate for North Stonington first selectman seems to follow what could be an...

Tribal Chairman 'Skip' Hayward is back!

The reclusive former chairman is expected to make a rare public appearance Saturday, when the...

Why is officer accused of excessive force still on the street?

Investigations into police department findings that Officer Deana Nott used excessive force have...

Sharp elbows in negotiations for Bank Street development

One property owner loses parking for his tenants five days after he refuses to sell his historical...

New London is diverting traffic from downtown

Business owners praise the new calm on Bank Street.

Trump voter remorse

The tide for Trump seems to be turning in story comments on


Gov. Malloy's blackmail is criminal ... how about we fight back?

There are no words. None. Zero. No words that accurately portray the latest missive from the...

Sun will learn something from this loss in game with a playoff feel

Mohegan — It has been a feel-good summer around the Connecticut Sun, the franchise...

Using the locker room as an example, we could all unite

Dismissive waves would come in, well, waves at adopting the following notion: That our country,...

It's time the fans got behind the Sun again

And so it was a Saturday night – last Saturday night – when the Connecticut Sun...

Sisk joins her mother on the list of Shennecossett club championship winners

A wave of emotion hit Dawn Sisk when she spotted her parents near the end of the Shennecossett Golf...

Great Neck's own Ryder Cup is a smashing success thanks to O'Neill

Indeed, the 12th annual “Players Cup,” Great Neck’s version of the Ryder Cup,...


Raising their brood

On these long hot summer days, it is easy to lose motivation and forfeit birding.

Rick's List - Solar Eclipse Edition

There are certain things in our culture that are accepted as Truly Big Moments to be anticipated...

Into the wild: thrill vs. trepidation

When the four of us launched our kayaks into the turbulent, remote waters of Quebec’s...

George Washington: 18th-century road warrior

George Washington had a low opinion of the quality of early American roads, and he would know...

rick's list - Behind Great Quotes Edition

Where do you suppose René Descartes was when he uttered his immortal "Cogito ergo...


National security demands Trump's removal

If his insiders abandoned him, Trump could be more smoothly eased out of the Oval Office. Impeachment? Twenty-fifth Amendment? Doesn't matter.

Dr. Malloy hit lawmakers Friday with shock therapy

Nothing focuses the mind of a politician more than watching pork being ripped away from the bone in the district where they will have to stand for re-election.

GOP leaders must overcome their timidity and denounce Trump

With only a few exceptions, GOP political leaders have been too timid to denounce the president and the reprehensible game of racial politics he's playing.

Learn from Gen. Robert E. Lee but don't honor him

Lee should be recalled as a slave owner who would not give them up, who felt so keenly about slavery that he renounced his commission in the U.S. Army and enlisted in the...

Back from the brink, Korean war talk cools

Kim’s problem in the escalating crisis has been that he faced a united front from the U.S. and China — backed by South Korea, Japan and Russia.

Trump’s empathy for white racial grievance is nothing new

The president’s Monday reversal was clearly a political calculation. I believe what we heard Saturday was simply a genuine first reaction.