Experian: Subprime originations subside in Q3 vehicle transactions

Drivers with sturdy credit scores were accounting for a greater share of vehicle purchases and leases in the third quarter of 2017, according to the credit bureau Experian. The report also showed that longer loan terms and a shift of buyers with...

Study advocates "bilateral control" to disrupt traffic jams

A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that new algorithms in vehicle technology could help alleviate traffic jams and improve traffic flow without making expensive improvements to infrastructure.

Single command voice systems help senior drivers stay focused

Infotainment systems that require only one command from a driver are a better way to keep older motorists focused on the road than multiple step systems, according to recent research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the...

Few senior drivers pursue simple vehicle modifications to make driving easier

Something as simple as a seat cushion can help make driving safer and easier for older motorists. But recent research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that few seniors pursue these types of vehicle modifications.

Auto briefs: Older drivers, Cruise AV, fuel economy

An increasing number of older drivers on the road, an autonomous vehicle without a few familiar features, and improvements to fuel economy were among the items promoted by automotive organizations and automakers recently.

Jeep Wrangler becomes more versatile off the off-road

The fact that a Wrangler can do extreme off-roading isn't surprising. The surprise comes when you see just how much better it's gotten on pavement, the place where a Wrangler has always felt out of its habitat.

2018 U.S. auto sales expected to decline, but remain at healthy level

Sales of new cars and light trucks in the United States are expected to fall for the second consecutive year in 2018, according to a variety of analyses. These forecasts expect the market to be affected by several factors, including higher rates and...

Auto briefs: Sanitation, zero emission sales, miniature car wash

Projects to improve sanitation and clean water in India and Mexico, a goal for electric and zero emission sales, and a miniature car wash to test paint samples were among the items promoted by automakers recently.


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