Auto briefs: Airbag settlement, natural tires, STEM grants

An agreement to resolve claims related to faulty airbags, a move toward sustainable tires, and grants to assist students into STEM careers were among the items promoted by automakers recently.

A refreshingly authentic off-roader in the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

It's clearly a luxury vehicle with creature comforts and buttery smoothness for drivers who want to pamper themselves in a leather and wood cocoon. But it's also a Jeep, with all the mountain-climbing, river-fording imagery that name inspires in the...

Study: Slowing down doesn't improve safety when driving distracted

A recent study by the Queensland University of Technology found that drivers who slow down to use a phone while driving fail to improve safety on the road. In fact, this behavior can increase the risk of a crash.

Auto briefs: Side underride, shifting demand, supercar testing ground

Testing of a side underride guard for tractor-trailers, an auto executive's comments on shifting consumer demand, and a supercar built to test new technologies were among the items promoted by automakers and automotive organizations recently.

Dodge Durango brings premium performance to the SUV segment

The Dodge Durango's combination of uncompromised utility, advanced technology, class-leading towing and driving range, confident driving dynamics and aggressive styling make it the Dodge Charger of the SUV segment.

Volkswagen Golf R departs from the ordinary

This pumped-to-the-max flavor of the Golf is a radical departure from the ordinary version, which is known around the world for being efficient and cheap to own. That's what makes the Golf one of the globe's most popular car models. The R takes...

Travel down slightly in Connecticut, Rhode Island in February

Travel totals in the United States continued to increase during February, but several New England states experienced year-over-year travel declines amidst a series of snowstorms.

Auto briefs: Cannonball Run, high octane fuel, SUV speed

A Connecticut reunion of the cross-country drivers who competed in the famous Cannonball Run, preparations for higher octane fuel at the pump, and a land speed record for SUVs were among the items promoted by automotive organizations and automakers...

Shared electric autonomous vehicles to account for 25 percent of U.S. traffic by 2030, group predicts

The developing trends of self-driving vehicles, electrification, and ridesharing could merge and create a major shift in urban travel in the United States within the next 15 years, a consulting group is predicting.

AAA predicts healthy future for electric vehicles

While gas prices in the United States are about 40 percent lower than they were five years ago, AAA is predicting that there will still be a robust interest in electric vehicles in the future.

No terrain is off limits for the Ram Power Wagon

There are people who need a Power Wagon not because it looks cool or makes for a fun weekend toy at the off-road park. They need it to get to work in the oilfield, on the farm and on construction sites, including workplaces that are so muddy and...

Drivers distracted by phone in more than half of trips ending in crash, study finds

Drivers were paying attention to their phone instead of the road at some point during more than half of all trips ending in a crash, according to a behavioral analytics company.


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