Get Help to Prevent Underage Drunk Driving

Any parent recognizes the potential problem of underage drinking and driving. Many teens do this as they mature. The results of this behavior are devastating, so gathered some facts about this subject and would like to share them, such as:

• Statistics about Underage Drinking

• Ramifications of Underage Alcohol Use

• Organizations offering Support to Teen Drinkers

• Ways to Stop the Behavior

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Facts and Figures Underage Drunk Driving

Here’s a bit of information about underage people drinking then driving: Roughly 25% of people between the ages of 12 and 20 drink on a daily basis. Alcohol-related incidents are the leading cause of death in this age bracket. Americans imbibe most of the alcohol they drink between their teens and age 24. While all of that sounds distressing, not all of the information about teens drinking and driving is negative: The occurrence of teen drunk driving incidents has decreased by 26% over the past five years.

Destructive Results

According to the recent data, 5,000 teens die in alcohol-related occurrences. Underage drinking and driving causes other results, too, such as loss of limb, permanent maiming, and brain damage. Teenagers that drink are also at an increased risk of becoming alcohol dependent before they enter their 20s. Underage drinking can lead to slowing down of the brain’s ability to process data properly, also, causing delayed reactions to stimuli. Worse is the fact that alcohol mixes with depression and stress and contributes to approximately 300 suicides a year.


SADD (Students against Destructive Decisions) and MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving) are two of the best known support groups in the country. Both groups offer suggestions about how to stop underage drinking and driving. SADD aims at teens to encourage them not to drink, and has chapters in almost every county. MADD offers support to all drinkers, but is overtly directed at adults and young adults (early 20s). It is helpful to know that these folks have a place to turn to when they need assistance to stop drinking.

Tips to End Teen Drinking and Driving

Now that people are more aware of underage drinking and driving, it’s time to look at tips to stop the behavior. Parents must talk to their pre-teen kids about the results of drinking alcohol and driving. Adults should lead by example and not drink at all or stop after one. Schools can get the message out through forums. Peer groups that choose to stay sober can accept new members without judging them. is an online information Mecca that never charges for its service. It links those who have concerns in the areas of finance or law to the specialists who can address and resolve them. For a complimentary consultation, dial 800-397-1755.