ECC awards / boys' basketball

Following is a list of 2012-13 Eastern Connecticut Conference all-stars and sportsmanship award winners in boys' basketball:


First team - Keith Porter (New London), Ian Converse (Woodstock), Chris Lowry (Woodstock), Wade McNamara (East Lyme), Connar Chicoski (Bacon).

Honorable mention - Marcus Outlow (NFA), Denzel Lancaster (NFA), Aaron Lorenzo (Bacon), Tristan Welch (Woodstock), Ryan Lusk (NFA).

Sportsmanship award - Isaiah Stewart (Bacon), Ibo Rivera (NFA), Dominique Benson (New London), Kevin Foster (East Lyme), Sullivan Gardner (Woodstock), Aaron Hill (Fitch).


First team - Kendall Marquez (Windham), Julian Sanchez (Windham), Jackson Donahue (Stonington), Thomas Whipple (Ledyard), Darnay Gray (Ledyard).

Honorable mention - Aaron Martineau (Windham), Willie Harris (Stonington), Max Graves (Killingly), Khary Childs (Ledyard), Donnie Craig (Waterford).

Sportsmanship award - Tim Ferrow (Stonington), Aaron Martineau (Windham), Tum Tum Souriyamath (Killingly), Regi Jones (Waterford), Chris Gill (Ledyard), Isaiah Hernandez (Montville).


First team - Chris Gonnelli (Lyman Memorial), Kaevon Safford (Tourtellotte), Ryan Pambuku (Plainfield), John John Esparrago (Plainfield), Remy Bonser (St. Bernard).

Honorable mention - A.J. Allard (Griswold), Shawn Houle (Tourtellotte), Josh Millette (Plainfield), Mike Jezierski (Tourtellotte), Phil Jenkins (St. Bernard).

Sportsmanship award - Keval Patel (Griswold), Nathan Storey (Wheeler), Nathan Jewell (Tourtellotte), Tim Colli (Plainfield), Russell Puleo (Lyman Memorial), Kevin Kersey (St. Bernard).

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