Movie tip: "The Big Wedding"

Well, at least it's short. I went into this movie thinking, "The critics must be wrong. How bad could something be if it stars Robert DeNiro, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon?" The answer: pretty bad. This 90-minute piece is based on a French sex farce, but the Americanization by writer/director Justin Zackham feels like a slog rather than a romp. The script isn't witty, and the situations are outlandish without being particularly entertaining. DeNiro and Keaton's adopted son is getting married. He wants them to pretend they are still married, even though they are long divorced, to placate his very Catholic biological mother, who is coming to the wedding. That's only the first of the twisted plot points. The only saving graces are the finely tuned comic performances by Keaton and, as her other son, Topher Grace.



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