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Contrary to widely held beliefs, real news sources offer basic access that allows citizens of all political persuasions to participate in free expression. My hat's off to The Day's effort to make this a reality. Although it is often accused of being a bastion for leftist ideology (interesting that only right-wingers accuse the paper of taking sides) it offers a full spectrum of ideas and beliefs, most notably, in its letters to the editor. Who would have guessed for example, that Electric Boat was a virtual ghost town in December 2016, a mere six months ago?

One letter writer tells us how the current U.S. president is completely responsible for all the activity at EB. Magically, about five months ago, EB went from totally out of business to a booming activity involving thousands of employees. And that the leftist Joe Courtney (a person of impeccable character, by the way) had nothing to do with this activity. Then he feistily challenged the paper to publish his letter, which, even though it was a completely absurd and ridiculous missive, they certainly did. Fake news, Mr. Trump?

Scott Russotto


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