Spellman: Day editorial misrepresented dad

In a the editorial, “Finding the best fit for running Stonington,” (Dec. 14), the Editorial Board found fit to justify The Day’s opinion concerning Stonington Charter Revision by alluding, "More than 30 years ago, former First Selectman Jim Spellman said the Town Manager form of Government was worthy of local consideration."

As his son, the only context in which I ever heard him reference town manager was, "If Stonington voters reach a point where they wish to abandon direct selection and control over the town's chief executive officer, will be a sad day for Stonington − will signal abandonment of the many qualified, able, willing, and brave enough to serve. Will reduce town government to the whims and goals of the wealthy and connected."

Dad was able in life to laugh at The Day’s propensity to bend all and any by not quoting or considering, understanding a constant in advancement of an agenda emanating from the far left. If alive, his rebuttal would be articulate and direct. As he is dead, I express what he would have done if alive. He was first and foremost of the old school - "If it's not broke, no need to fix it."

Jim Spellman Jr.


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