Americana band hits La Grua Center on Saturday

Roosevelt Dime, from left, Tony Montalbano, Eben Pariser, Andrew Green and Craig Akin. (Fatima Talib)

When naming a combo, it's best to consider something that indicates to listeners what sort of music the act performs.

Yes, "Goatwhore" and "Carcass" would have to be death metal bands. "Butthole Surfers" oozes extreme hardcore punk, "Led Zeppelin" implies the heaviest of rock, and you wouldn't buy an album by "Dixie Chicks" expecting anything other than country. As for the Pabst Smears, well, I don't know what kind of band they are, but that's a stinkin' great name, anyway.

Which brings us to the cleverly (if slightly obscurely) named Roosevelt Dime. So-called after a (now rare) coin minted in 1946, the East Coast quartet celebrate a wide range of American music appropriate to an earlier era. They weave together elements of bluegrass, blues, country and Gulf Coast R&B into an original sound that celebrates the country's spirit and attitude through indigenous music.

Their latest recording is "Red Shoes," and Roosevelt Dime is on a support tour that brings them Saturday to Stonington for a performance in the La Grua Center.

Roosevelt Dime, 5 p.m. La Grua Center, 32 Water St., Stonington; $10; (860) 535-2500.


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