Why not drill our oil and sell it to pay debt?

I am sure many Americans - except those Americans serving in Congress - are trying to figure out how to pay the national debt owed to China and others. It appears there is no easy solution.

I tried to think of a way out of this terrible dilemma and came to one conclusion: Providing oil could be a possible method of payment.

With millions of gallons of "black gold" in the ocean floor off the coast of Florida waiting for authorization to drill and remove that valuable asset, it seemed to make sense.

More important, the discovery of the Bakken field underneath Montana and North Dakota could be tapped.

Is it possible we could supply oil as payment of the interest on national debt, and the massive loan itself? Why not use our natural resources (oil and natural gas) as "payment"?

China needs a massive oil supply to sustain its current economic engine. I can't think of any other way to find a method to pay off this massive debt.

I realize it could take years of planning. We will be paying for years, so we have the time.

If there is a better way, I'd like to hear it.

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