Heather Bond Somers

Party affiliation: Republican

Are you an incumbent for this seat? No

Campaign website:

Education/degrees: Robert E. Fitch High School Graduate
University of Connecticut - B.A. Economics, English

Occupation: VP Hydrofera LLC ( A Medical Device Manufacturer)

Civic involvement: Groton Town Council 2003-2009
Economic Development Committee Chairperson 2003-2009
Public Safety, Health Committee Member
State of CT UN Day Chairperson
Flanders Rd Sewer and Water Extension Committee - Chairperson
National Women's Leadership Summit o St of CT delegate
Friends of Thames St - Member
RTC - member
Lambs - member
Former PTO- co chair- Noank School

Endorsements: Republican Town Committee

Previous offices held and other government service: see above

What are the major issues for your town? Groton faces many issues as do all towns across our region and nation. Groton is faced with aging school in need of repair and upgrades with declining income and tax revenues which are needed to meet these needs. Keeping costs down, managing our budget critically while maintaining quality of life in town are issues that need to have solutions crafted carefully so balance and common sense is achieved.

I believe there is also an issue with the current relationship between the Town Council and the Board of Education. I would foster a more proactive approach to improve communications between these two entities as a means to better present resolutions to the problems facing our town when it comes to education. We must get on the same page and be unified so we do not experience the negative nature that pervaded last year's budget process.

Combining the delivery of certain services between the school departments and Town Departments in the areas of finance and public works should be more seriously considered. In addition I believe we need to provide a culture in Groton that can entice and attract new businesses to make the choice to come to Groton. In order to do such Groton needs a strong Economic Marketing Plan, must be proactively involved and in touch with current businesses, and to be able to provide manufacturers with the resources they need to do their business. Without such and approach Groton will not be competitive with other towns.

What makes you the best candidate for this office? The Town Council will see the departure this year of councilors with many years of experience serving the people of Groton. I feel the Council works best with a great diversity of backgrounds and opinions amongst its members. Public service is a passion of mine and a way of contributing back to the community I grew up in, am raising my own family in and truly love. I feel my experience as a Business Owner coupled with my past Town Council Experience provides me with a solid foundation to work from as a Councilor. In the medical business I am continually confronted with complex issues that need sound solutions and must be able to deal with these issues while meeting budgets and maintaining fiscal solvency. This real world experience provides me with a unique perspective that I believe would be a valuable asset to the Council. I want to see Groton continue to thrive as a diverse community and help to enhance the atmosphere so families of all ages can continue to live, work and recreate here.

What was the last book you read, and what did you think of it? I am just finishing up Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I had heard so much about it, I finally had to read it for myself. It is an intriguing book written in the 1950s that has many parallels to today's economic conditions. It is a lesson in Market oriented economics and I feel really a celebration of the entrepenuerial spirit. The book makes you realize that much of the time politicians react to crisis by creating new regulations and programs while not thinking of the short term and especially long term implications these policies can have on the country. I feel every member of Congress should read this book!

Before Atlas Shrugged, it was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series which are great quick reads with twists and turns and Goodnight Moon for my sixteen month old.


Email: heatherssomers@gmail.com

Address: 67 Ramsdell St, Groton, CT 06340

Marital Status/Children: Married; 3 children

Age on Election Day: 45


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