My predictions for 2012

What, it’s 2012? Where’s my bubbly? I slept right through the turn of the year, apparently. But, since it's only Jan. 5, it’s not too late for my new year predictions.

You might want to save this blog to see how accurate I was. I’m guessing I’ll beat the forecast of your favorite TV weatherman any day. Here goes:

The N.Y. Giants will make the playoffs. (What??? That already happened??)

The Iowa caucus won’t matter come August.

Presidential candidates will be photographed going into or coming out of church.

Presidential candidates will be photographed eating hot dogs/ice cream/ribs and other “real American” food.

Media outlets of every kind will run these photos.

Pfizer will announce layoffs.

Richard Shenkman will try to find a way to terrorize his ex-wife Nancy Tyler from prison until the day he dies.

Jackson Labs will outsource some jobs to India.

The stock market will be up.

The stock market will be down.

Fidel Castro will die.

Amy Winehouse’s posthumous CD will win a Grammy.

House Speaker John Boehner will cry on TV.

The weather will be crazy.

CL&P will struggle to get the power back on after we have crazy weather.

People will complain about the plowing of roads in New London, if it ever snows.

New London Mayor Daryl Finizio’s honeymoon with voters will end before the Super Bowl.

New London Mayor Daryl Finizio’s dogs’ honeymoon with voters will last at least through the summer.

My honeymoon with readers will never end.

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