How can anyone support this president?

I read with astonishment the letter submitted June 11 entitled "President Obama deserves another four years."

It is absolutely criminal that the newspapers and main stream television have spent the past three years covering up the truth about Obama and his party.

If this man really thinks he has the facts, he is mistaken.

A few facts:

Obama signed into law that any American citizen can be arrested and held without counsel, indefinitely, if thought to be a terrorist. If in a foreign land they can be killed.

The Secret Service closed the Vietnam Memorial Wall on Memorial Day for 7 hours so that Obama could give a 15 minute speech. Humanitarian?

Obama's Affordable Care Act has a clause in it to collect a real estate transaction tax. Why?

Obama now supports same-sex marriage. Why? Needs votes.

Obama's policies have created $5 trillion in debt in three years.

The unemployment number is really closer to 11 percent when you consider people have given up looking.

Before you give your precious vote to anyone, make sure you know who and what you are supporting.

Your freedom and liberty are at stake.

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