Lawmakers must protect what we want

We know that special interest groups control the minds of our elected officials in Washington.

Instead of helping to make life better for the people in America the legislators are looking to destroy programs, remove safeguards and regulations that are in place, etc. The people in this country have made decisions over time what they want from government. Examples:

Women want to use birth control and have access to abortion services.

People like the fact that the government has a retirement program in place for U.S. citizens; so fund it.

It is obvious that we need more strict banking regulations to protect our money and avoid another 2008 downturn in our economy.

We need some form of universal medical care program allowing everyone coverage. Those who have insurance now already pay for everyone; we need to give Obamacare a try.

We need an illegal immigration program that works.

The middle class is losing out economically due to the failure of the "trickle down" concept; the wealthiest only become more wealthy.

Higher education is important and needs government funding; as was the GI Bill after the world wars.

Our representatives are not representing us.

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