American't: Loud and unbowed

Despite - or perhaps because of - feisty youth, the punk band American't has decided the ol' US of A ain't working. Of course, this isn't exactly fresh territory for a punk outfit, but it's nice to know folks can still be passionate while stacks of Marshalls are roaring full-blast.

Besides, in addition to musical commentary about the failings of society, American't is willing to admit their own shortfalls. For example, one of their songs discusses a collective addiction to nicotine. While this may in fact be a statement of defiance to the Medical Community at large, it's nonetheless testimony to a willingness to look inward as well as outward.

See the band, along with The Walking Dead - the band, not the television show - on Sunday in New London's Bank Street Cafe.


American't and The Walking Dead, 9 p.m. Sunday, Bank Street Cafe, 639 Bank St., New London; $3 or 2-for-$5; (860) 444-1444.


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