Boxer Tylon Burris of Hartford is pulled off of his opponent Kevin Cobbs as Burris pummels Cobbs up against the ropes to finish the fight at Twin River Casino Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012.

I was assigned to photograph a professional boxing judge at Twin River Casino Thursday night. The boxing judge sits on the side of the ring and watches the fight gauging the fight in case the fight is decided without a knockout. Interesting, but not tons of action. I first photographed boxing back in 2001 and could not believe the action and the speed of the sport. Anyone who has watched football cringes when they see a big hit. We all say roughly the same thing "Ouch, I felt that from here".

When a boxer delivers a full hit on their opponent, and you are ringside, the "THUD" of the hit sends a shockwave out of the ring that resonates through every bone in your body. It makes your teeth rattle. I have covered a lot of different sports in my career, and I have to admit that not many of them can produce an adrenaline rush quite like photographing boxing. It is an absolute privilege to be ringside, bobbing and weaving with your camera following the action, and feeling your body cringe with a powerful hit.

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