Gun responsibility law could reduce crimes

In response to the Dec. 29 article "Experts: Trained police are needed for school security": No!

Anyone with a gun will always be able to use it in public places, including schools. Arming volunteers at schools to protect children better would never work.

The Declaration of Independence proclaimed our unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Second Amendment established the right to bear arms, which makes taking away our unalienable rights easy.

Rather than trying to turn schools into fortresses, we need to change the gun culture. People have the right to own guns; but with rights come responsibility. Congress should pass a "Gun Responsibility Act." Owners should be required to register their guns.

If you own a gun, you should also own the responsibility that no one uses it for criminal purposes. You should be held criminally accountable (with the user) if they do. This includes being criminally negligent if used carelessly and an accident results.

Many law abiding gun owners would reduce the number and types of firearms if they will be accountable if criminally used. To help owners take ownership of "Gun Responsibility" they should be provided trigger locks.

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